You’re A Loser? You Are At The Bottom And You Can Not Go ?

“Within you there is a point of higher authority, a point of wisdom that you call a Oeyo , which is not controlled by any external disturbance or confusion. This item does not recognize failure and in it you can choose and make decisions. In this point you can choose what you think, how to direct your emotions, your body how to act and what you will do. ” The inside address is when your motives are right, when you only want to do the right thing the right way, when your desires are of legitimate action. a The righteous are never .

You need not fail in life when your desire is just, have a rich abundant feeling, a feeling of respect and self esteem. this feeling you can not want to get to you if your motive is only to impress others inflate your own ego, or even if it is nothing else for money or any other compensation objective. When you’ve done the best you can and have given as much as possible in service of what is right, you have a much higher compensation for material gain, you deserve a reward, and will, but you should work towards what does not perish, the deep inner satisfaction. Undoubtedly, you make mistakes. You have been wrong in your opinion, who has not made mistakes? However, when the motive is right, mistakes can be turned into stepping stones to success.

Think You Can And Feel You Want,

If you were busy being kind, without realizing that soon you would find no time to remember that someone was rude to you. If you were busy in your alegriay encouraging people who are sad, though your heart hurt a little, you soon forget to notice. If you were busy being good, and acting in the best possible way, would not have time to lay the blame on others doing everything they can. If you were busy right, this occupation would not give you time to make accusations without pause in a busy semejantepor wrong. … If you think you are beaten, you are. If you think you dare not, you will not.

If you think you'd like to win, but you can not, will not succeed. If you think you'll lose, you've lost. Because in the world will find that success starts with the will of man. Everything is mental attitude. Because many races have been lost before they've happened. And many cowards have failed, before they had begun their work. Think big and your deeds will grow.

Think small, and you'll be back. Think you can, and you, If you think you are advantaged, you are. You must think well to elevate you, you have to be sure of yourself before attempting to win a prize. The battle of life, not always won by the strongest or the fastest. Sooner or later, one who wins is the one who thinks he can. … "The world is in the hands of those who have the courage to dream, to run the risk of living your dreams, and those who do not give up on the first try. Luck is built, changing the circumstances, and creating opportunities. Each new attempt is a new learning, which enables you ever closer to your dream. "

Creative Minds

Our internal structure is reacting to all external stimuli, rearranging the atoms in the molecules. Our Brain The brain function has revealed the dream of more than a scientist, seeking to penetrate its mysteries. What are the ideas? Where they exist? Who do you think? etc. Many of them have not yet been clarified. Intuition reveals that behind this exquisite mechanism, there is a fabric so fine and perfect, a Creative Mind Divine, whose mysteries we fail to decipher. The study on the brain has advanced dramatically in recent decades by the "CT." Connecting electrodes to this body, determine where each of the activities of the mind.

It measures the electrical activity while mental activity occurs, either rational or emotional, spiritual or sentimental, and know which area corresponds to that power. These experiments have shown that when we see a certain object is active in certain parts of our brain … but when the subject is urged to close their eyes and imagine, brain activity is identical! So if the brain reflects the same activity when "seen" when he "feels", comes the big question: What is Reality? Based on these assumptions is that they have developed all the tools that neurolinguistic programming works and modern techniques used for developing high-performance athletes (creative visualization techniques for example). The brain does not differentiate between what you see and you would think because the same neural networks are involved. For the brain, is as real as what he sees how he feels.