Mezhuyev Tanah Lot

Nice view from the window, a sense of harmony, tranquility and beauty – that's for chasing than Western people. Prices for seats next to the beach and downtown areas or more remote locations, but with stunning views – the most high. House or a villa, built in such places, it is easy to rent at the best price, if you intend to use your home in Bali, only during holidays or vacations. The most popular place is the scenic spots near Jimbaran and Bukit (hill between Nusa Dua, Ulu Vata and ), a neighborhood of Batubelinga to Tanah Lot and the western coast of Bali, near Ubud and lakes near Bedugula Bro. These lands are the most promising for building and look extremely attractive to developers because their value tends to stable growth. In the long run territory Tanah Lot and Negara, and coastal areas in the north-east Bali, must also show a steady rise in prices and will interest potential buyers. A few tips to homeowners People who already have experience in property development in Bali, saying that the realities Balinese are very different from the construction of buildings in Europe.

In fact, if you build it yourself, you will not be able to leave the island, as your building immediately turn around for you to risk disaster. You will have to live in a hotel or guesthouse, and all the time to monitor their construction. Workers work very slowly and carelessly, tend to stretch the construction of the most long-term to longer receive salary. Almost impossible to get them to work on weekends or on days when rain. If in 20 builders finished cement, none of them would ever think to tell you about it. This Balinese style of living.

You need to be prepared for the fact that things do not go the way you expect. Not so fast, not so sparingly, not quality. However, there are several cases where white people could build a decent house for decent money. On the timing of default. Most be reasonable to ask for help in building the company, popular with expats living in Bali. As a rule, they are working white professionals and own them, or the Australians or Europeans. You will not be a headache for a number of technical and legal issues. Good luck!

Business Development

This tool allows you to refinance both the bank that issued the mortgage, sell this loan refinancing organization (usually a large bank at the federal level, which specializes in buying pools of mortgages). Before the crisis, major Russian banks access to foreign financial the market was easier, lending rates are much lower. Today, our creditors became difficult to raise money for the West to finance mortgages in Russia, we have to look for money in the domestic market. " "Appreciation financial resources has led to increased interest rates on mortgages for some Russian banks ", – said Sergey Denisov, head of credit Kirov branch of Sberbank. According to Sergei Kreknin, Director of Business Development "Credit atelier," one of the causes of rising interest rates – is the risk of a possible devaluation of the ruble. For example, if the summer of 2007, some banks lend at Kirov 10.75% by the end of , this bar has risen to 13%. According to Sergei Denisov, "Sberbank is enough equity in order to not raise rates on housing loans." Depending on the loan term, type of support and share borrower's own investments rates range from 11 to 12%. It is known that over the past two years, rates on loans to the Savings Bank of the population were substantially lower – by about 30%. IzhLadabank continues to lend at rates higher than the city average (13-16%). Loans are granted at the expense of customer deposits, the money for other lending institutions that are not used.