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Man is called to continually learn from this general principle of the educational systems in all developed countries. Changing technology, the conviction, the demand for specialty training but ought to remain constant. Any current employee must understand that the information acquired by fifteen, ten, and then u five years ago, is not enough for a fully fledged work. Emerging in anticipation of extreme time cost growth Herzegovina led to the fact that the demand for ancillary studies, a calculated for people who already possess a clear educational level and experience in one or other of the inspectors and the lack of empirical skills information and so on. Waterproofing, lessons in the course of syakih programs can have on observing day.

use in the subject field. Is there a need for a temporary training programs in the form of trainings and workshops? Should I attend the course, if all the assistants have the highest institution, and some even two? sensing, conducted by sociologists show that after three years the original data are erased. memory sketch a third, later this process develops in an arithmetic progression. We can assume what knowledge, skills and knowledge has graduated high school in six and ten years, what are the prospects of his quarry growth in the brotherhood. Today, push services in temporary support programs obucheniyapolno saturated, why choose one must salty. We find that for that would help people and organizations in their development, one must take three steps. Start with that inspire people, causing them desire to learn. Then give the tools, exporting to use the information obtained.

And, finally, help to achieve success, translating information into everyday practice. We always stay Permanent Sim principles. First, one must inspire to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the assistant Kartirovochno separation and concentration in the whole. We use special diagnostic tools, including Worked out by a group of TMI specialized analytical platform.