I am you ‘soothe’ picks as you like, anyway collectors of this product the power wires from the power button to motherboard connect as they want, so your efforts are vain. 6. When installing very carefully get along with the button ‘Start’, if you accidentally Zaden it – check out her work. Feature of this button is that its contacts vpresovany the body of the button and hold it by sheer force of friction. So – pay attention again – carefully, and press the button as sparingly as possible and gently, do not press MUCH! I came down with approximately 10% of the buttons though they are easily repaired, and pretty cheap. But, imagine my surprise the first time, when the unit itself is triggered by the refusal of the buttons (tumbled contact), working on air handling machines, and because of this nasty buttons inflated air ducts, before protection tripped by the pressure drop! You have fun!? – Me too! 7. But that’s not boring routine work to carry out, you know what you are paying, so only highly recommend to buy rubber gloves.

I share a secret, electrical gloves rather rough and uncomfortable – I got surgery and liked, even though his hands are sweating. And be sure to make good ground, and then who knows what with this design happen. WORK on the battlefield. What can we say about the work of this product in combat conditions, so to speak – are working, but … But I pray that time will end when the warranty period. Now the obvious problems: 1.

Buggy button ‘Start’ – but fortunately quite rare, most of these glitches are eliminated in the process of commissioning, then returning to normal. 2. Very important quality food (again – no galvanic isolation, and all the garbage that flies across the network – goes to BUOK). Were cases of inadvertent discharge BUOKa, and could not understand what was happening, cured with another power supply input. 3. Very poor immunity, which is manifested in random glow LEDS forming, treated difficult, the screening will not help (see diagram). How to treat? Placed as close as possible to the valve, which understandably is not always possible, and (or) replacement of imports on the domestic light-emitting diode. Grounding helps only slightly. RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Do not buy this product. 2. If you have already purchased and have questions – please read the article, or write to your problem, try to help. SUMMARY OF THE BOARDS HQ-S 1. Apply only to domestic components, and the price is even decent, clear discrepancy money! 2. The assembly is disgusting, stretching all the necessary! 3. Note – builders skimp on cable end sleeves, instead, to apply double end sleeves, they put the wires of different sections in a terminal! VERY DANGEROUS! I’ve had because of this have been equipment malfunction! 3. Half the billboards will not turn on issues pickers – compiled shield not corresponds to the schematic circuit diagram. 4. Wires are all one color, it is extremely inconvenient! This is because they save us! Conclusion: with the NPF ‘SWEET’ does not work. ps By the way managery NPF ‘SWEET’ pretty sane people, unlike ‘Designers’ were trying to help …