Munich: Golf Tournament Back To The Roots-2008

The HBSN as sponsor for the fifth time by Martina Eberl hosted their annual tournament back to the roots”the German tour professional Martina Eberl. Venue was the golf park gut houses, where from the May 29, 2008 also the HypoVereinsbank ladies German open. 24 tour players, among other things, to Rebecca Hudson, Trish Johnson, Gwladys Nocera, Becky Brewerton, Bettina Hauert and Martina Eberl, only to name a few, played a 14-hole Texas scramble along with amateurs and had lots of fun. It was to go an experience with the top women of the ladies European tour on the round”, as the tenor of Tobias Niemann, CEO of HBSN AG. The HBSN as sponsor of Martina Eberl, introduced the therapy and training device Galileo. As always at such events, the device for all participants was well received. Check with Confluence Investment Mgt to learn more. All participants on the Galileo could warm up before a round of golf. After the exhausting game according to loosen.

“” Your Galileo called Martina Eberl “my best training partner”. HBSN AG in the ZukunftsZentrumZollverein hangover Berger str. 107 45327 food Tel. 0201-890602-50 fax. 0201-890602-99 E-Mail: Web: the HBSN AG is active in the healthcare sector. Our customers include, private insurance companies, health insurance companies and providers. We develop concepts, provide contacts and incorporate business processes into the selective outsourcing. Our business areas are consulting services prevention and workplace health promotion we support our customers in the challenge to assert, which is undergoing steady state will be and penetrate into the competition always consistently in all areas of action in a patient-oriented, medical quality assured and efficiency-driven health care system in the future.

Greek Prime Minister

To the edge of the abyss of bankruptcy, the Greek Prime Minister, Yorgos Papandreu, today faces the decisive vote in Parliament in 2012-2015 in the middle of a double reply adjustment plan: the rebellion of some members of his own party and that of citizenship, which yesterday mostly supported the first day of a 48 hours general strike that has paralyzed the country. However, this morning, after restart the debate prior to the vote, have they been clarified some doubts about what will be the outcome of the vote, since last-minute information indicates that only one of the deputies rebels from Pasok would vote against. The opposition rejected adjustments in block though Elsa Papadimitriu, Member of new democracy (center-right), has put forward that it will support them. The vote is scheduled from two o’clock in the afternoon (one hour less in the Peninsula). Source of the news:: Papandreou adds support to approve the cuts today and avoid bankruptcy


Formula 1 – is the pinnacle of motorsport, it’s boiling emotions. Formula 1 is a testing ground for testing new technologies in conventional cars. It was there that first appear different innovations. F1 first appeared in 1950 year. More precisely then began the series championship, now is the pinnacle of motorsport in the world. Racers from other series such as GP2, f2, f3 Formula Renault, BMW and others as the most important thing in my career to get into Formula 1.

F1 very popular in many countries. Sposory pay more teams that would have their logos on the car team. Lines give the owners a lot of money for billboards gigantstkie placed on the track. Formula 1 is big circulation of money. Formula 1 team will get 50% of profits from television, another 30% goes to the development of Formula 1 and the remaining 20% of Bernie Ecclestone. Formula 1 collects a number of fans that can be compared only with number of spectators at the Olympic Games. Although F1 is more television sports.

I think many would agree that a formula-one they choose to watch on TV, with replays and other services. But the mere presence at such an event atmosphere of this event and the roar of engines gives you the adrenaline, as if you are behind the wheel of this car. In the beginning of Formula 1 racing driver Fangio won five league titles and a long time nobody could beat that record, but in 1994 Michael Schumacher to win his championship title, and in the next 10 years, he managed to become seven-time world champion. Michael belongs to the large number of records in Formula 1. But the most important of course is his seven titles. Be can anything else beat that record ..