Singer Bjork

Equivalent factor is still the same trade, or rather the production and import / export. It's simple: the main players in the world market sets the tone throughout, including language. Kindly tell me who could thirty years ago to predict the total triumph at the moment frankly peasant (in a bad sense) of China and the widespread study of Chinese language now? But only one reason – the best price for goods of a wide (and not) use. Of these we can derive the approximate formula "" language in the state: * The country should be quite successful politically and financially in order to avoid a powerful outflow of native speakers in the larger countries * Strict visa requirements and special conditions for people who come to study / earnings (in other words: if you want to live here – teach language) * Language support at the state level (record keeping, mandatory study in schools, etc.) * If, historically, that the country is in the use of several languages, it is fixed by an appropriate order and they (the language) as a second state. Otherwise (without attribution of such status) language sooner or later disappear. But even here there are exceptions. Take, for example, Iceland: on the other items have questions, but here's the very first not met exactly. Has anyone heard about the financial or political successes of this country? Or can a well-known exported goods? In the Baltic sprats though there is, but here it? Singer Bjork and pictures of geysers.