Occupation – Manager Taxi. Who Is ?

In the world there are many different professions. Some of them are very common, about others, we hear less often, but there are others about which we know virtually nothing. Maybe because there is no special training Centres may still for some other reasons, but they are much less known than doctors or teachers. One of these trades is just the taxi dispatcher. It would seem, is nothing special in this profession there. Well, think of it, picked up the phone, answered a couple of questions, take orders. For even more opinions, read materials from Larry Ellison. That's it! But this view from the consumer. In fact, everything looks completely different. Indeed, the main work of a taxi dispatcher is to correctly Book a taxi, send it to the driver and warn customers that the car is such a brand, color, and with such a state number awaits them at the door. Vladislav Doronin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Of course, it all looks pretty corny and unassuming. And, true to first glance one might think that nothing complex in this work do not. But in fact, the dispatcher is the main "traffic cop" for a large workflow. On it depends the fate of the company, the number of satisfied passengers which can then supplement the regular customers. Manager – this person firm! Taxi dispatcher should have many top quality to enhance the profitability of the company. From this will directly depend on its earnings, too. These qualities are hard work, patience, ability to handle stress. Job Manager on the one hand interesting and dynamic, but on the other hand, on the other end will be exposed to hostile-minded clients.

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance of goods in St. Petersburg, represent a legal and organizational support of all the formalities established by the Customs Code and other documents regulatory action under the trafficking of goods and goods across national borders. Extremely useful addition to the services of customs clearance of goods are primarily ckladckie yclygi, as during transmission of customs barriers goods should be placed in a safe place. Plus – Po yclygi , forwarding prevention and environmental gpyzov can be claimed at any convenient time. It is also an important component in movement of goods, because it allows completely absolve themselves of the possible risks and to shift all the worries about the goods on the shoulders of the carrier company. ofopmlenie exports – a special article as making all the necessary operations on export goods is associated with careful observance of the legislation imposes restrictions on the export of goods. This area is usually involved lawyers of the highest caliber, and it is justified: customs clearance in general is quite resource-intensive procedure, but when it comes to customs clearance of exports – even more so. All events, which should be subjected to cross-border transportation goods with customs clearance, also known as yet and customs clearance.

It is the professional term that includes all the formalities arising from the movement across borders of both the goods and the carrying vehicles. Customs Clearance in St. Petersburg – it's one of the most popular services as the city is a major sea port, railway junction and the owner of a big airport, through which pass including transport flows.

Export Declaration

Packing List – cargo accompanying document. Is in addition to the invoice. Export Declaration (EX-1) This is a common international document which confirms the export of goods for goods produced and sold in countries (EEC). With the maturing of the European Declaration on the customs administration of the eec countries (in shipment from a transit warehouse) to the supplier confirmed the fact of exportation of goods from the territory of the eec. This fact allows the buyer of the goods to avoid payment of intra-VAT (VAT). Declaration of the EX-1 must accompany the goods European origin, that follow from a transit warehouse outside of the eec countries. Declaration of the EX-1 is made the supplier / distributor or agent of the carrier / forwarder, which are relevant to this license. Declaration of the EX-1 must be stamped at the customs administration.

Transit declaration (T-1) Northern passport (T-1) – warranty document for customs transit. It must be accompanied (through EC), all goods non-European origin (eg from the usa, Asia, etc.) and cargo arriving from European customs warehouses (bonded / customs warehouse). d view. Transit declaration T-1 for goods arriving by land, is on the border of the eu, if the goods have arrived from outside, either supplier / distributor or agent of the carrier / forwarder – if the goods came from the customs warehouse within the eec. On the air cargo / freight going by sea from countries outside the eec, T-1 is right at the airport / port of arrival authorized agent.