International Club Country

You love to sit with a fishing rod on a beach or stroll through the woods with a gun? Or maybe you prefer just a comfortable rest for the city or corporate in nature, away from city noise and smog? The International Adventure Club Absolute Result offers you an unforgettable active holiday including the traditional grandeur of Russian nature. Very near the river Volga, and nearby is the famous Rybinsk Reservoir. Official site: State Street Global Advisors. The system of International Club of Adventures Absolute Result – a single network country clubs leisure, where you can hunt, fish, relax with friends or family. A variety of infrastructure systems and services of European level is ideal for a variety of corporate and business events of any level. Each of the country clubs of Absolute Result located on the picturesque waterfront, where you can arrive by water, air or land.

Here it is convenient harbor for mooring and parking courts, boathouses warm for storage, repair and maintenance of yachts and boats, each club has its own helipad and parking. For recreation and leisure entertainment provided for all: great pools, gyms, saunas, nightclubs, restaurants and lots more. For business meetings at your disposal a conference room, fireplace and game room, meeting rooms, billiards, bowling, bars. If you decide to arrange corporate in the suburbs, the fresh air, delicious cuisine and plenty of entertainment at the country club to help you escape from everyday worries. The choice of holiday animated programs and team building training, rent personal watercraft, snowmobiles, motor boats, helicopter flights, fishing and hunting with rangers – all of which can include corporate in nature.

Big Apple Helicopter Tour – New York Attractions

You should necessarily allow plenty of time for the Manhattan skyline during a holiday in New York. Bernard Golden has much experience in this field. Helicopter tour release the perfect views of the New York landmarks. For more information see this site: Allegiant Air. But there are also alternatives, which are priced much cheaper and have also to offer excellent views of the famous skyscraper silhouette. From the observation deck of the Empire State Building from one has fantastic panoramic views of the legendary big Apple’. Even the prospect of putting on the observation deck top of the rock ‘ on Rockefeller Plaza can enjoy, is not by bad parents. From here, you can touch the Empire State Building and other architectural masterpieces of the city extensively in the eye.

One can imagine the extent of the Rockefeller Center just once when you stand at its entrance before: the building covers an area of over 89,000 square meters. Its construction began in 1930. The money for the construction came from one of the most successful business men in America: John D. Rockefeller. The building complex includes among other things the Radio City Music Hall, the NBC Studios with the studios for Saturday night live, ‘and a restaurant with the fanciful name of Rainbow Room’. In the lobby, the history of the House is completely documented in words and pictures. There is also the world-famous photo titled eating above Manhattan’ to see.

It shows a few construction workers sitting on a steel beam and who cheerfully smiling and up eating their lunch over New York City. A special variant of the motif, in which you must be not even afraid of heights, you can pose and then for a small fee to take home the pictures! During the quick trip up high in the 76th floor, you should at least briefly take a look through the glass roof of the elevator. In its interior, you’ll get carried up higher and only just below the clouds to a halt. On cloudless days you have fantastic views of Central Park, the statue of liberty, which from there very small and seems to be almost tiny as well as Wall Street and the surrounding areas. If you are the first time in New York, you should take necessarily a skyline brochure to the hand. On the observation deck it helps, sure to recognize all special New York sights from a distance. If you’re first up, you can admire the city at your feet as long as you just want to. Before entering the elevator but, should make sure once again that you have also taken with the camera, because you will discover the best motifs on the viewing platforms and in particular on the upper balcony.

China Engines

Volvo Penta, Yanmar, Nanni Diesel, Vetus Deutz and Beta Marine – a list of manufacturers of marine engines for boats and yachts, who produces diesel engines in the power range, applicable to small vessels. All of Europe, and hence the price, as a rule, these dealers motor is indicated in Euros. Unfortunately, the price lists of these producers are not available to many. Just imagine how much the country has not only completed projects from the fact that the shipbuilders, whether amateur, small or large shipyard have at their disposal the most important – marine diesel engine! We will not consider low-powered gasoline engine for boats, as Most people would agree that the ship must be diesel. And such engines appeared. Chinese brand diesel engines, industrial TD-POWER established a line of marine engines 27-80 hp TDME power, which is a good alternative to European engines to be installed on a boat or a replacement old motor. /a>. Marine engines are delivered not only on China’s domestic market, but also for export. Diesel engines are sold in TDME Holland, Sweden, Poland and Norway.

In Russia, marine diesel engines for boats supplying company “Dominator-Service”. The engines are equipped with mechanical and hydraulic transmissions. The set includes a diesel engine instrument panel with a cable length of 4 meters, the depreciation of support engine air filter. For all diesel engines are covered one-year warranty of the manufacturer. If you want to replace its outdated engine or install a new one – a series of diesel engines TDME – strong and very reliable marine diesels. Chinese marine engines installed on displacement boats, yachts and working boats. Chinese marine diesel engine is the best alternative to the guiding European manufacturers ship engines.

GDP Country

As a result, the number of tourists over the next 10 years has increased almost 4-fold and reached 24 million man in 1970 in the future, this growth accelerated expansion of air transport and the opening of the country for the Nordic markets, in particular, for the UK. Tourism has played a significant role for the Spanish economy, creating new jobs to 500 thousand in the mid 60s and one million in 1975 and generating for the country's foreign exchange (tourism accounted for a quarter of Spanish exports in 1975). Not surprisingly, the Spanish government in the future continued to actively support the tourist sector. However, the rapid and uncontrolled growth has led to environmental destruction, and continue to converging concentration of tourism in the Mediterranean coast affected the demography of the country, contributing an influx of population in this region. In the mid-70s, a period of rapid growth of tourism in Spain began actively building a large modern hotels for meet the demands of mass tourism. In the 80 years tourism has continued to play an active role in the economy of Spain and has provided jobs for 11% of the potential workforce, as well as 33.4% of Spanish exports and 9% of GDP in 1989, but within 5 years (1988 – 1992.) Total number of foreign tourists remained at the same level – 34 – 35 million people a year. The main generating markets of Spain – France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy, in 1988 – 1990 gg. .

Swedish Holiday Homes

The prices range from 400 to 1,000 euros / week in high season. Depending on the season, location and facilities, there are also houses, which are significantly cheaper. A cottage vacation in Sweden enjoys great popularity. The Swedish tourism industry is increasing overnight stays of German guests, but also Swiss, Austrians and Dutch like to spend their holidays in Scandinavia’s largest country. Sweden offers a wealth of exciting and relaxing experiences all categories of tourists: families pleased with children, that Sweden is child friendly and has many attractions for children (such as Astrid Lindgren’s world, Liseberg, Grona Lund, Skara Sommarland).

Nature lovers will find peace in the sparsely populated country, and there are many opportunities for hiking, canoeing, kayak paddling, mountain climbing, fishing or skiing. If you like shopping, is pleased that clothing, shoes and bags are often cheaper than on the continent. The Swedish arts and crafts, design and fashion is very wide. Swedish fashion is currently worldwide success. Anyone looking for the big city hustle and bustle and cultural offerings, Sweden Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo offers three modern, bustling metropolises. Currently, even more Swedish cottages can be booked on

About 5,300 houses are currently in the database. The cottages are some great party, but also by the local tourist information and private. The prices range from 400 to 1,000 euros / week in high season. Depending on the season, location and facilities, there are also houses, which are significantly cheaper. Small houses with running water (hot & cold), TV and simple kitchen there from as little as EUR 150 / week ideal for example for anglers. On, there are a total of nearly 30 pages of Swedish holiday homes, clearly sorted according to regions and popular holiday destinations. Most of the houses have a best price guarantee. He finds convenient to one who wishes help or an advice at the time of booking, a form with the Callback can ask. The offer includes also ferries, hotel rooms, rental cars, flights, travel literature and maps. offers “One-stop Shopping” for all Sweden holidaymakers. To do this, the site contains many useful information and personal tips around Sweden. The authors are Germans who live for 12 years in Sweden and work. More than 800 Sweden photos from your own camera complete the offer of Press contact: media Office Dr. Walther Plette Kvarnbackavagen 11 SE-437 91 Lindome / Sweden Tel. 0046 70 2729633… is a travel portal with blog character of Walther Plette from Lindome/Gothenburg, Sweden. Walther Plette is a German journalist, translator and photographer. In the main job, he works as export seller for a Swedish company. It is due to his work often between Sweden and Germany.

Catalonia Quiet Page

Wild coastlines, proud cities, golden beaches in the middle of a magical nature as a round gefuttertes triangle lies Catalonia in Northeast Spain. Like the country as little features of Mar i muntanya kitchen could resist, as the gourmets who love the region because of its culinary diversity of sea and mountain. The proud Catalonia is home to artists, architects and poets. Salvador Dali, Joan Miro and Antoni Gaudi were inspired by the impressive landscape. Between the Delta of the Ebro river and the Pyrenees with rugged coastal beaches and bustling cities with quaint villages alternate. Life plays in Girona, Barcelona, Tarragona. It pulsates but also in the village of Espolla, in the quiet Gualba or on the southernmost tip of Catalonia, in Alcanar count just 500 inhabitants.

From such, selected locations, you can enjoy relaxed even the popular Costa Brava and the Costa Daurada with no less lively. Retreat places on the Costa Brava, only the lovingly restored medieval town of pals is located four kilometers from the long sandy beach, Platja de Pals away. In the middle of the natural Idyll land Hotel Mas Salvi is there”. The romantic Villa from the 17th century is surrounded by a private forest and delightful gardens. A little further in the enchanting hinterland of the Costa Brava, the villages are Espolla and Gualba. Espolla is dominated by the Mediterranean side of the Pyrenees. “Between dolmen and menhirs, located in the historic town center, a special vacation home can be found here: plain outside, inside intricately designed, with only six rooms, the hotel Canaleta Heras is” a dream come true for those seeking tranquility.

Also Gualba is located in charming nature in the middle of the only biosphere region of Catalonia. From Hotel Masferrer”, you toured an impressive building from the 13th century, at the foot of the mountain Montseny either through the hills of the nature park or make excursions to the beach, Girona and Barcelona. Lively cities in view of wide golden beaches of the Costa Daurada gave their name. However, in the “hilly hinterland of the province Tarragona grows another treasure: the famous Cava”, a sparkling sparkling wine is exported from here to the whole world. “Three Fincas with much history and even more charm can be found in the midst of the vineyards: the hotel CAL Barber” in the small town of Botarell, the majestic five-star hotel MAS Passamaner ‘in La Selva del camp and the Finca MAS can Ros’ in the former monastery village les ordres. The capital of the province of Tarragona and the fabulous beaches of the Costa Daurada are from the quiet, often against the Tuscany hinterland, to reach quickly. Even more close to the Sea offers the Finca Tancat de Codorniu”in Alcanar, on the southernmost tip of Catalonia. The 19th-century estate is separated from the sea only by an Orange Grove. At that time estimated Alfons XII., King of Spain, close to the beautiful beaches. Even in the Centre of the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, there to discover quiet refuges. Hotel Neri H & R”is a Palace in the heart of the medieval district of Barrio Gotico, directly at the Placa de San Felipe Neri. Designer shops, tapas bars, restaurants and museums are located right outside the front door and when the countryside attracts a way back from Barcelona in the hinterland.

Athanasius Nikitin

Idea of the perfect vacation for each person is different. Presentation of the rest of my dreams include sea (and better ocean) and the sun. (Once I have rested well, although it was on a business trip. But this long-standing story.) Other people think that the sea and the sun to add mountains, snow and skiing. And all this is desirable for a maximum distance of half an hour away by car. Some Aubin advanced people, they want more in this review historical and architectural monuments, while receiving an aesthetic pleasure. Is there a place on Earth? Surely there! Gallery seating dreams you will be able to survey the site 'Treat yourself to a dream! ".

I want to remember friends of people who never work. But I can not. Man is a creature that for a long time can not be carried out not working. But not resting, he is tired and stop working effectively. There is no doubt: the periodic rest needed everything. Dream about the places where you would like to spend vremyavoego rest you can on the site 'Give yourself a dream! " Travel is one of the types of recreation.

Traveling call on a particular area of movement or reservoir for its study or other purposes – obscheobrazovatelnymi, sports etc. Until the last century, travelers have enriched people's ideas, which belonged to other countries, of their nature, population, history, economy. They studied data on the characteristics and outline of the Earth in ancient times, Herodotus and other scientists were accompanied by Alexander of Macedon in his conquests. Another example of the Middle Ages – Marco Polo and Athanasius Nikitin. In the Middle Ages it was widely pilgrimage – a journey for religious purposes for viewing the holy places of worship and holy sites. Pilgrims kept diaries of his travels, subsequently called 'walking'. It was a time has been called 'the Age of Discovery'. It is largely changed the idea of the Earth .. More information about places to travel can be read on page "Let's dream a little about travel."