6 Tips To Be Happy With Your Sons

Our children are what we most want in this world right?. The best gift that we can give them does not cost money. Called love, understanding, help and education delivery. Esforzemonos to give them all our love and enjoy with them. For when want us to give account already have grown. Let these moments of childhood to show them the positive things that have life.

6 tips that you must not forget 1) in your House the joy should reign. Life is a gift that we must squeeze butt so you do not h you by earthly things, transmits joy in your home and let problems parked at the door of your House. (2) Show you sympathetic with their States of mind. Emotional intelligence focuses on regular or transform moods. First focus on eliminating anger, sadness, apathy of your son or daughter and then faces the cause that provokes it. Develop your sense of humor in your relationship with the children.

Humor causes large changes in moods of people. (3) Teaching them to deal with problems with joy. Problems are opportunities to grow as people and increase our self-esteem. (4) Planned activities that are liked by the family: excursions, cycling, walks strive so reine a cheerful atmosphere. Your effort will be rewarded with endless doses of love. (5) Do not hide your feelings. To uncover is the first step to deal with the negatives and to enhance positive ones. (6) Demonstrate them with gestures and words your love. You do not repress. We all love feel loved children, and much more. I wish you all the luck in the world in this company. He lives in such a way, when your children think of fairness, love and integrity, think of you.