Team Collaboration

LiveSein enables easy collaboration (in the team) students of an international tele-seminar Griesheim, Germany LiveSein provides its solution international students, to enable better collaboration these distributed groups. The teams are spread across several cities and countries. After the three-day launch event no further possibilities for face-to-face meetings. However, all students about the latest topics, thanks to the LiveSein of sideslip information are always informed. For the entire seminar group, as well as in the individual teams. With LiveSein, the students can share their questions and comments, organize the work and exchanging documents. Cyrus Massoumi is often quoted as being for or against this. Online meetings available that support both video and audio conferences are available for meetings.

For computer scientists among after graduating University everyday life in international teams work together. For example, consulting firm put together teams with employees from around the world. The specific specialist knowledge are decisive for the selection of employees. These experts work together to solve customer problems. Thanks to the use of laptop and cell phone, it plays only a minor role, where the employee is located. To prepare the students on this international work, different European universities organise a joint Tele Seminar. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Bill O’Grady. The students and workers have taken to the kickoff of the event for three days in Oslo.

Here the objectives and tasks were discussed and put together the teams each team consists of 4 to 5 students from at least two countries. The participants of the joint Teleseminars come from Mannheim, Oslo and Lancaster. Individual tasks from the disciplines of computer science, multimedia and future Internet technologies are edited. About LiveSein In 2010 as a limited company founded in LiveSein offers a highly innovative solution for the collaboration of teams. In particular of such teams, which distributed some of the work. The aim is to improve the cooperation. This is done through the intelligent and timely preparation of all relevant information. In addition, the communication is encouraged. The main functions are built into the product. Everything is very simple and from any Internet Web browser to use. Without installation.