Maintenance Program

What is the purpose PC 'Motivation'? PC 'Motivation' is designed to motivate employees to produce better and more disciplined attitude to duties. Why use a PC 'Motivation'? PC 'Motivation' is used to calculate the coefficient of labor participation in the enterprise. The coefficient of labor participation is based not only on the basis of the staff member's salary, but on the basis of penalties and incentives used in the program. Based on the rate of labor participation you will be able to determine wages for each employee. Background of the program. PC 'Motivation' is based on experience several major companies of Russia, with the participation of top managers and psychologists. Company, whose expertise has been applied to the PC 'Motivation', have gone from its inception to a thriving business and a full faced a number of problems in management, at a certain stage of growth, which spurred the creation of the product.

The program has the experience of Japanese companies in personnel management, but the system is fully adapted for use in conditions of the Russian Federation. As shown, time and experience PC 'Motivation' functions successfully in a variety of small and medium-sized businesses. Power reserve of the software system can be used in companies whose structure has more than 20 departments. In conclusion, it can be argued that the PC 'Motivation' is bearing fruit after 2-3 months of use in the enterprise, usually a consequence of an increase in the commodity-money turn and the prestige of the company, as from customers and from employees. Key features and characteristics of the program file cabinets Maintenance employees (full name, title, department, contacts, family, etc.). The system of fines and incentives, which directly depends on the rate of labor participation officer. The system of charging premiums for the department or individual employee.

Large set of reports with the ability to sort by. The program has user-friendly interface and rich feature set that makes it possible to use it with people who have no special accounting education. The program is a multi-user, with the possibility of work on a network. Built-in mechanism for specifying a set of rights for each user.