The Pharmacy

And even the well-known rule, "80:20", which states that most paying customers to your pharmacy make up only 20% of all buyers, but generate 80% of her profits, can not be your main guide for loyalty programs. Strengthening relations with all of your customers – a pledge success of the pharmacy in the future. It remains to understand who your visitors, and to identify major categories. Then – then, the ground that will determine your program to fight for customer loyalty. Necessary for each target groups to develop, in fact, the impact of an individual strategy that will achieve the desired effect: to get consumers to buy more goods and more often recommend a specific pharmacy to their relatives and friends.

It general scheme. Now in more detail. The main consumer category is defined as follows: – potential buyer – a man who does not feel the need to visit your pharmacy and pharmacy visits competitor – casual – went to the pharmacy by chance, as a rule, for whatever reason could not reach the usual pharmacy – purchase – buy in your pharmacy on a regular basis (good), but is actively considering other proposals – regular customer – in your pharmacy buys more often, because satisfied with the product and service process. Now try to identify the possible loyalty program for each category of customers. The potential buyer. All that is needed – is make him make the first test purchase at your pharmacy. To do this, you can use the pharmacy or advertising messages on promotions to stimulate purchases of specific goods.