Erzgebirge Collectibles – Christmas Pyramids And More

The pyramids from the Erzgebirge are now an integral part of the Christmas tradition in many countries around the world. The first Christmas pyramids are already in the 16th Century mention. In the Erzgebirge miners began in the 18th Century highlights simple to manufacture frames. This consisted only of a few wooden sticks which was tied up and equipped with lights. The relatively simple light frames were systematically developed by the Ore Mountain craftsmen. They placed another rod in the middle of the light frame and attached it to a plate, were attached to all bars. The plate was then integrated into the stand that he was rotated. By affixing the impeller at the upper end of the light frame and the placement of candles on the plate, the first rotating pyramid was created. The candles heat drove the impeller of the pyramid and the plate, fitted with beautiful hand-crafted figurines spun. Based on this, still relatively simple basic form, are in course of time the many different Christmas Pyramids have been developed. Today you can find among other things gothic and oriental designs. The sizes range from 15 cm to 2 meters. The pyramids are generally the Christian Christmas story or scenes from everyday life dar. The center of production is as already over 100 years ago Seiffen in the places Olbernhau and Marienberg. Today, the major producers, manufactures, Richard Glaesser, Mueller cabaret, KWO Olbernhau and Christian Ulbricht. Besides Germany,the Erzgebirge Christmas Pyramids, arches and Smokers in over 100 countries around the world are exported. Particularly in the United States, “German Nutcrackers are handmade, Smokers, Christmas Pyramids” extremely popular. Especially the Nutcracker have become very popular collectibles.