Agriculturists Without Land

In this way, the immigrants who start to arrive at the country, with the hope of a better future and of land conquest are the ones that start to work for the farmers, however, of these, few had obtained one day to have a land piece really its. In reason of this law to be so discriminatory, and difficult to revert, they start to appear at this moment, first the great movements peasants, who raised the fight flag, the access most easy the land, as better conditions of life of these people, who nothing more were of what objects of exploration of the great large estate owners. The sprouting of the MST the movement of the Agricultural Workers Without Land, also known as Movement of the ones Without Land or MST, is fruit of the problematic acquisition of the land in Brazil, fruit of the agrarian question that is structural and historical in the country. However, he was not the first one movement of fight for the land in our country. If it originated from the union of some groups that fought for the land, since the decade of 70. History in the sample that the movement very possesss strong roots with the social movements occurred north-eastern and south Brazilian. especially of the South region of the country and, being given with example the leagues peasants and the Movement of the Agriculturists Without Land? MASTER, but to the few, was become enlarged for entire Brazil.

The MST started its joints in 1979, and is considered by many as most radical and controversial of the present time. In this period the great industries grew very in the country and started to function with imported machines, raising the country the exporters as of first world. On the other hand, the unemployment in the urban centers grew and the agricultural exodus started to walk in inverse direction.