Alimentary Security

Exactly because as it cites the statement above in each market will invigorate a strong standard of competition. We go to change the focus a little, but already we return. Brazil exports iron ore to Japan. Substance cousin for logical Japanese siderurgy and for all the other countries. Japan to survive it in this segment of the derivatives of the steel, the ore of iron exported for Brazil, is essential for its survival in the international and national market. At the first moment that Brazil to decide to add value to the iron ore and to export this aggregate product of value, to Japan, will have one strong reaction in the Japanese economy. Now we go to imagine that Brazil more decides not to export iron ore to Japan. Which would be the consequences? Let us come back to the subject.

If Brazil to decide more not to export foods, in virtue let us say of climatic factors, as it dries drawn out. Which would be the implications in terms of feeding the populations of the import food countries, of Brazil? Far from developing a reasoning blackmailer, the Alimentary Security guard, it will be able to be changedded into an instrument of pressure, the direction to get advantages in relation to the internal necessities of the import countries of foods, but detainers of natural products and or technology that interest to them. The food will be able to become one of the great instruments of pressure and bargain in the international market. We previously cite the case of the importation of the Fosfato of rock. China second is placed in the scene of natural reserves of this element. Which the existing relation enters a metric ton of produced Fosfato in China and a metric ton of soy produced in Brazil? Which the relation of a metric ton of Chinese Fosfato and a ton of meat of chicken, produced in Brazil. Or still. Morocco if detach for the reserves of Fosfato.

The same I reason if it applies to this country. We have conditions to produce foods with the use of alternative technologies as the rochagem – the Process of rochagem if bases on the use of worn out rocks for the remineralizao of the ground, making use of different types of rocks, that can supply – with an adequate demand of nutrients – the tropical ground, since the country possesss great geologic variety. But and the countries that produce the Fosfato and practise raised prices, as pressure form, that can be understood as normal, as they would be if Brazil, more did not import the Fosfato, searching a compatible price with our intentions and necessities? Finishing. The Alimentary Security will be able to become a great weapon of pressure, so that self-sufficient countries in foods, starts to pressure countries that lack of foods, but are possessing of elements? oil, technology, minerals and etc.? if they bend before the necessity of feeding its populations.