America Exports

The strengthening of trade ties between China and Latin America have led to the Asian giant to be placed as second in the Latin American region’s largest trading partner, after the United States. On the one hand the Chinese come in Latin America a very lucrative market for its products manufactured by the other, Latin America benefits from the wide varieties of goods at affordable prices. Before moving on, let’s review a little about these two partners. The People’s Republic of China, better known as China, has a population of more than 1.3 billion inhabitants. This nation has solidified its role as the largest manufacturer worldwide; achieving that thereof are available in all parts of the world. Latin America, with a population of 560 million people, exports large quantities of methanol, fishmeal and copper, mostly coming from Chile to China.

China is also a large importer of cement, coal, steel, nickel, copper, aluminum, petroleum, Tin, zinc, Platinum and gold they come from Latin America. Exports of soybeans and iron from Brazil have tripled in recent years. Balance sheets show that China has been supporting in its annual exports. It should be noted that exports to Panama, especially to the Colon free zone, accounted for revenue estimated at 660 million dollars annually, thus, becoming one of the major sources for China. As you have seen, China-Latin American trade has benefited both parties in the short and long term. This has also allowed that both regions to diversify its trading partners and to expand to new markets. The expert in commercial matters, Joshua Adekane, invites you to take advantage of the opportunities offered by trade between Latin America China.