Asian Giant

The Asian giant returns to be in mouth of all, but this time by one the news that darkens the positive data regarding its growth. The reason? The alarm signal that has produced the presence of several toxic products in some distances of milk. And it is that China has warned the producers that the inspectors are in alert by the milk presence altered with melanin and another extracted toxic product of rest of leather. the problematic one of the quality in the Asian countries always has been in prohibition and this type of facts indeed supposes a loss of prestige that affects many producers and owners of factories that yes that make the things good and order their own inspection of quality to guarantee the quality and authenticity of their product, explains explains Alex Makow, Chief of a main directorate for Spain, Italy and Portugal de AsiInspection (), the dedicated company to carry out Quality controls and Services of Inspection, Audit and Test of Laboratory for importers. More controls, more security The measures of the Ministry from Chinese Agriculture announcing that the random authorities will realise 6,450 inspection on fresh milk throughout 2011 they are not a reassuring measurement and even though daily less Chinese as China Daily aims at that this type of substances could be fatal in children in growth process and that in adults it can bring about osteoporosis risk.

And it is that this is not the first time that in the Asian country takes place a similar problem with milk. In 2009 closed a factory in the province of Zhejiang after finding substances altered in milk. From they were in charge inspection there, but of precise form, comments Makow. the problem is in which they are not due to only inspect at moments keys or when a problem arises from this type. The controls are due to carry out long before and of exhaustive way. In this way it is much more easy to detect a manufacturer who alters his product, in this case milk, to become rich at the cost of the health of the others .

Quality assurance Thus the things, this type of situations they are those that show the necessity that especially the products pass a series of quality controls, considering that China is becoming the great world-wide exporter. Every day is a greater awareness of the importance that AsiInspection carries out. Our clients are importers who want to guarantee that the products that bring to their countries of origin, as are the case of Spain, are going to satisfy all the requirements that mark the European norms of quality and that long term they are not going to them to produce any problem, Makox finalizes. For the management of interviews or to extend the information: