Children and Youth

Children and Youth (1953-1973) Roberto Ampuero in Valparaiso (3 November 2008) Roberto Ampuero Espinoza was born in Valparaiso in 1953, son of Roberto Ampuero Brul and Angelica Espinoza. He grew up in a “middle-class family in Buenos Aires right political orientations, ” his maternal grandmother was French and his father, Roberto Ampuero, worked during World War II to the foreign service of the U.S. information. studied at the Presbyterian College David Trumbull, in its infancy, and then at the Deutsche Schule (German School) in Valparaiso because their parents felt it was an “excellent private school and stayed close to home” and his “requirement, discipline, education and languages” . As he learned to read and write in German. He spent 12 years in German school graduating in 1971, was averaging 5.8. On his school has said that “Had it not been for him, would not have lived in Germany and would not have met my wife.The DSV taught me to be disciplined and serious in what I do not waste time, to reverse difficult situations, to be frugal and simple, and live in other cultures. ” also note that thanks to the school was able to approach writers as Goethe, Schiller, Brecht, and Mann, and remember that the school was that “marked a lot in my later decision to travel the world, in my soul nomad.” After 17 years of life in Valparaiso Ampuero moved in 1972, the country’s capital, Santiago to join the University of Chile, where he studied social anthropology in the morning, and Latin American literature in the evenings. Around this time entry into the Chilean Communist Youth . She says that ” … When young soldier in the Communist Youth because I thought that socialism was democratic, just and economically prosperous. ” He was there until late December 1973 when, after the military coup decided to leave for Germany East.