Collection in benefit

Collection in benefit concerts SGAE has been criticized on several occasions to raise in benefit concerts. In January 2006, the organization decided to return the 518 euros that had been paid, following a complaint, the theater company Fuentepelayo Cultural Workshop (Segovia), a nonprofit organization that is formed mostly by children disabled. Although in the SGAE made sure that the process was the result of an “error”, some believe that the reverse was due to the protest campaign that arose in the months before on various blogs and Internet portals.In April 2009, the SGAE threatened to block a benefit concert of David Bisbal, whose proceeds would in principle entirely dirirgirse treatment of a 5 year old child suffering from the syndrome of Alexander, if not betrayed him 10 of revenue . Finally, the organization paid 5,000 to the SGAE, but after appearing in various news media, and to the negative response from the public, the management agency returned the money in grant form. SGAE defended himself by pointing out that not all providers waive the charge charities and has stated repeatedly that he is not qualified to decide for their partners whether they are willing to waive the collection of appropriate copyright, for example, at a concert in solidarity.The Copyright Act requires it to extend the operating license to all events in the use of the repertoire of its members, except those of state and religious in nature. For solidarity or charity event gets a free license should be made aware in advance of the company that plans to use the code, so that it obtains from its members express waiver to receive the compensation provided by law. citation needed