The success of a company depends primarily on customer demand. They are the main actors and the most important factor involved in the game of business. If the company fails to meet the needs and desires of their customers will have a very short existence. All efforts should be oriented towards the customer, because he is the true driving force behind all activities of the company. It is pointless for the product or service is of good quality, competitively priced and is well presented, if there are no buyers. The market no longer resembles anything of the past years, it was so predictable and understandable. The concern was to produce more and better because there was sufficient demand to meet. Today the situation has changed dramatically. The pressure of the supply of goods and services and the saturation of markets forces firms from different sectors and sizes to think and act with criteria designed to capture and retain the “slippery customer” not maintaining “loyalty” or with the marks or with companies.Many entrepreneurs insist that the experience can be applied to any situation and realize later that his company is suffering a temporary recession, but are being driven out of business. The main objective of any employer is to know and understand our customers so well that the product or service can be defined and adjusted to meet your needs. It is idle to seek a comprehensive and accurate description of the term “customer”.But we can identify a list enumerating the key aspects that may characterize the concept. One customer: It is the most important person in our business. It depends on us, we depend on it. We are buying a product or service and not making us a favor. It is the purpose of our work, not an interruption to it. It is a human being of flesh and blood with feelings and emotions (as one), not a cold statistic. It is the most important part of our business and not an outsider to it. He is someone who brings your needs and satisfy our mission. It deserves the most cordial and attentive treatment we can offer. He is someone to whom we please and not someone to argue or confront. It is the lifeblood of this business and any other.