Enhanced Processing Architecture

The new cameras are equipped with 1 / 4 "CCD and transmit video with resolution up to 704×576 pixels. and up to 25 k / s formats H.264, M-JPEG, MPEG-4, with a minimum illumination of 1 / 0, 15 lux. To configure the SNC-RX550 and the organization of IP-CCTV camera kit includes software Sony RealShot Manager Lite. In addition, SNC-RX550 supports video analytics on a platform of DEPA, image stabilization and two-way audio transmission. Intellectual abilities-Video camera based on technology DEPA (Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture – "Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture"), when the image preprocessing is carried out in ip-camera, and the following – a video recording devices. This technology enables ip surveillance with a minimum of false positives, "unload ip-channel video transmission capacity and efficient use of video archives. In this case SNC-RX550 supports detection of objects left behind, and motion detector analyzes the last 15 frames to detect movement and the alarm in case of detection.

In the SNC-RX550 used 1/4-inch CCD Sony Exwave HAD to 440 000 ff. pixels, and advanced image processing technology, providing exemplary quality of the video. To carry out round the clock video surveillance ip new Sony cameras are switchable IR cut filter and can operate in a "day" and "night", passing through the network color / monochrome video at illuminations up to 1 / 0, 15 lux. Depending on the network infrastructure and CCTV requirements for image quality, SNC-RX550 allows the operator to select the optimal level and the compression format, resolution and frame rate for view streaming video and record it.