Financial Analysis Of Petrobra

This article presents the level of indebtedness of Petrobra’s, in the corresponding period to the patrimonial rocking of as the trimester of the year of 2010, searching to know which the capacity of the company to arcar with its commitments. For this they are studied and presented diverse indices such as indices of you eliminate, capital of third, immobilization of the patrimony I eliminate, liquid capital I eliminate and composition of the indebtedness. Word-key: Indices, debts, business-oriented pagamentos.The scene currently face great challenges in the question of the adequate management of its resources, great companies with enormous national relevance and international they do not run away from this rule. The objective of this project is to analyze the capacity of payments of divides of the biggest company of Brazil, fourth bigger company of the world (according to data of the Bloomberg and the Brazil Agency) and the second petroliferous greater of the world, Petrobra’s – Brazilian oil S/APara such, had been analyzed given of the asset and liabilities of its patrimonial rocking (given of 2 Trimester of 2010), long and short term, through financial indices as the Generality, Liquidify ratios, Constant and Drought, Immobilization of the Patrimony I eliminate, Liquid capital I eliminate, Capital of Third and Composition of Endividamento.A Petrobra’s puts into motion a part significant of the national economy, through the wide supply of jobs, production of oil and natural gas, fertilizer refineries, plants, fuel ranks, offer of action, among others. Beyond representing, with notable economic relevance, Brazil in the exterior. It is, therefore, viable to know its financial situation and its capacity of payment current of you divide the short and long stated period. Such study it was carried through with the Petrobra’s company for the reason of the organization to be one of the biggest companies of Brazil, also for the curiosity to know which is the financial situation of one state-owned company and a world-wide giant.