Naum 2:11 – they 13Quem has fear, not yet is perfect in the love of God. Visa as, in the test of this administration, glorifies the God for the submission, who you confess how much to evangelho of Christ, and for liberality of yours dons stops with them, and stops with all; for its conjunct for you, having of you homesicknesses, because of the excellent favour of God who in you has. Thanks to God, therefore, for inefvel its dom. 2 Corintios 9:13 – 15A favour coming of God in the ones of dons charming. Not it leaves to serve the God, nor when its situation will be bad or extremely good, nor gives up the things that you want and the projects that you have.

God wants to give joys to you and that you are the miracle that converts! and the bellwethers will have joy on joy in Mr.; the needed ones between the men will be glad in the Saint of Israel. Because the tyrant is reduced the nothing, and if consumes the escarnecedor, and all the ones that if give to the iniquity are unrooted; The ones that make culprit to the man for a word, and set bows what it reprehends in the door, and the ones that without reason put just of part. Isaiah 29:19 – 21Deus it supplies all the close necessities of its marriage and eliminates of its union everything what it does not give. Everything what it only comes to cause you that feeling of guilt it is reduced to the nothing! The God praises the intentionally blessings already for It to its children: job, money, love, pleasure, salvation, everything, everything, everything of good! We face challenges, yes, but Christ already made in them more than what winning! (Joo 16:33) On behalf of Jesus.Mnica Gazzarrini Jesus Christ is you