Gift Gourmet

Summer sun is already sits, and I hasten to the city center. The office celebrates birthday a good friend of mine. The holiday is already in full swing, and yet I have not taken care of the gift shops At no time. Bouquet of dark red roses too trite. I looked around and approached the counter, behind which are craftsmen. Half an hour later solemnly to congratulate the birthday child and hands him a large wicker basket with ripe cherries selective memory on the cart's Birthday My friend was a success. Among the vases with flowers, boxes of expensive crockery, gift and a crossbow pistol wore a basket of berries.

Of course, she quickly emptied, but many gave delight! Tired of sales and loans businessmen with a child happy whistling cherry pits and absorbed a treat. Basket empty for long. A month later it was filled with pink peaches and grapes, and was taken to the anniversary of an elderly lady who has 20 years not is chosen from his apartment, and I really miss the native Simferopol fall away if you tired to give flowers, rejoice familiar little chocolate persimmon, and a box of fresh figs or a bag with chestnuts How More please foodie? Hurry up to visit me? Replace the chocolate in a box of sushi and rolls. Them to you quickly prepare and pack in any good Japanese restaurants. If congratulations requires a serious approach, buy a treat collection of pottery to the eastern meal.