How To Avoid Theft !?

From the standpoint of modern management work with the staff – the question is not philosophical, but most, that neither is pressing. That is, if you have the desire, skills and finance to start their own business – you are only halfway to success. Second halfway will not be overcome without a well-chosen shots. But that's not all! Employees must not only educate, motivate, require them to perform regular duties, but also constantly monitor their behavior. Because it is no secret: some people prone to theft, sabotage, fraud, betrayal and other nefarious deeds.

And the more collective, more complex intra-staff relationships, the harder understand the root causes of those or other actions. And even harder to prevent them. Since Soviet times catering always been huge scale of abuse. In cafes and restaurants in the amount of theft ranged from 20-30% to 90% of the revenue institutions. Has the situation is now fundamentally – a definite answer 'no'. However, now each institution has one or more particular owners, most of whom do not want to accept the fact that they do not significant portion of its revenues. Basically, the purpose of theft is "getting" the additional amount of cash in his pocket, "easy money" so to speak. The simplest measure of prevention theft is not to provoke the officer in this act. So try to at the workplace of each employee and institution as a whole, was the order, and especially valuable items lying in a vault or any other difficult to reach.