The best of hands, the milk in a modern milk tank. In the early days of the dairy industry to a cooling tank was not thinking of course, but now there are even models that ensure the direct sales at the farm. For in this way the milk is stored under optimal conditions and a special filling device allows the court Milk refuel. But the dairy industry benefited enormously from the use of an optimal milk tank. The wide range of available sizes for Michkühltanks allows all business sizes, the sensible design of the court. Thus the processes in operation are used efficiently and ensure the best possible storage according to current standards. The milk can be stored by the milk tank and keep the immediate cooling of the desired quality. The dairy industry can use one or more cooling tanks. The cooled milk can be adjusted so the operation. A plant can be increased with increased demand and a cooling tank is delivered on demand to plug even. Thesenow easy handling of milk cooling tank and even allows untrained technically very easy to use advanced refrigeration and therefore adherence to the highest standards without any additional technical training. The dairy industry is primarily dairy industry and profits in spite of modern achievements. A good system is constantly extended, therefore the number of milk tanks grows with the cows. The price of a cooling tank or a cooling tanks vary widely, and begins with several hundred euros, but also goes in the 5-digit range.