Nearly two hundred years ago in Naples Italy, bakers have started to prepare a dish that is designed exclusively for the poor – cakes of dough, top before baking which smeared a layer of tomatoes, sprinkle with oregano and olive oil flavor. Only sometimes for an extra coin on top fit a little cheese. Yet birthday pizza by historical standards is from the famous pizza named "Margarita", which Chef Raphael Esposito prepared at the request of residents of Naples in 1889, the eleventh of June – specifically for the spouse of the autocrat Umberto, Queen Margaret. It is possible that historians should believe, and the queen simply wanted to pick up the keys to the hearts of his people and to taste the dish, so loved by them. But the pizza so much liking the Queen that she had trained chefs cook in Naples so unassuming at first view food. According to legend, Esposito made the three types of pizza.

But the queen liked only one that included tomatoes, basil and mozzarella, with colors of the Italian flag. Since then, the pizza and it was called "Margarita." Again as the legend herself the queen gave her name to the amazing sight of food. Many of the nations of the world differ in conservative, but the Italians in their love for Pizza "Margarita" surpassed all others. This pizza is not so much eaten by the dozens million units per year, but also exported in frozen form in all countries of our planet. It is believed that the pizza is cooked, even in Italy itself, and only brought to condition in France, does not reflect the true taste authentic Italian pizza. Every Italian knows – to taste the real pizza, you need to go to the city of Naples. But at the same time any of the Italians in any city in Italy will be hard to heap praise on tour unbeaten taste of pizza, cooked in a nearby pizzeria to his house.