PAPER “Design Companies”

Design can be considered as qualified dictionaries as a technical and creative process designed to develop or aesthetic objects used to be produced in series. It also means the form of something, of an object. The lines and lines that determine the shape of an object or building, or simply explain what has been planned by graphic diagrams. Design is also defined as the process leading mental setup “pre-figuration” in the search for a solution in any field. The root meaning of the word design comes from the concept of “disegno” coined in the Middle Ages, in 1563 with the founding of the “Academia del Disegno” in Florence, Italy, by Italian Giorgio Vasari creative multifaceted concept that comes from other words as “plan” or “Sig” talking about something that is coming. Company is defined as an entity composed of capital and labor as factors of production, and dedicated to industrial, commercial or services for profit. According to a definition found in a doorway of entrepreneurs from Spain, a company would be: A system that interacts with its environment materializing an idea, in a planned manner, satisfying some demands and desires of customers, through an economic activity. It requires a rationale, mission, strategy, objectives, about tactics and policies for action. It takes a preview and a formulation and strategic business development. It must start from a good definition of the mission. Subsequent planning is conditioned by that definition. The relationship between these two concepts is very tight now.Design is the key tool for business, of any item has an image that can put up to other, more advanced tool to awaken the interest of outside investors, the comparative advantage in competing with the price , thinking that global competition that exists today in our global village favors certain businesses, because the opportunity cost of labor, raw materials and other inputs, varies between essentially different economic systems. As part of the journey “The interior and the company currently” developed on December 23, 2008, in the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia, Spain, there were exhibitions that have a lot to do with the topic of empathy and synergy generated between these concepts dyadic, Design-Company, which highlight the views of experts on the matter, as is the director of the School of Art and Design College in Valencia, Xavier Giner who says that “times of crisis are good times for design “, because you have to go out and compete” for quality and innovation. ” What that essentially means that in difficult times for the global economy must be wagered by the design as a differentiator, this posed for the reality of Valencia, but it is a reasoning applicable to any place on earth where there are designers and businesses. This idea is reinforced by the director of Viccarbe, Benedito Daniel who explained that by designing your company was highlighted with the Prince of Asturias Award, and shows that furniture item that company, all internal departments revolve around the design and along with that, is key to successful internationalization of the company. Finally, in the closing ceremony, the Regional Director of Culture, Jos Alfredo Pellicer recommends companies attendees to “see with new eyes what makes the design” and calls for more dialogue between companies developing design projects and between enterprises who implement these projects, since this feedback is really what the trends that are emerging in a given time. Leading to a more local level this analysis we can see design companies that gradually takes the discipline of design more attention in the production of items and in the channeling of information to help better sell the products or services, which is why There is a subdivision of areas in which the design has jurisdiction, be it Web Design, Corporate Design, Brand Design, Editorial Design, Multimedia Design, Industrial Design or Object, Product Design, etc.