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Products One of the main features of the company is the basic telephony services including urban telephony, domestic long distance and international public telephony with wide national coverage. It also provides international long distance services, including voice, data, video, video to broadcasters and hire international point to point circuits, different technologies and benefits. Telecom offers Internet access and data transmission. He has developed one of the “back bone IP” most important in South America. With its license “ISP” (Internet Service Provider) offers itself to Internet access services to its customers. Additionally, it offers connectivity services and Internet access to other ISPs.It has infrastructure and data transmission services, including domestic and international transport of broadcast signals for broadcasters and licensees of broadcasting services / television and video. Personal offers value-added services such as Mobile Broadband, Personal Mobile TV, Multimedia Personal Message, Short Message Service, also known as “text messaging (” SMS “), voice dialing, national and international roaming, automatic routing calls and wireless Internet access. Through Publicom SA is the marketing of telephone directory advertising and publishing and distribution in the northern region, registering in the Yellow Pages the presence of 38,000 clients advertising their products and services.Other telecommunications services provided by Telecom, itself or through its subsidiaries, including telecommunications consultancy, supply of telephone equipment, call center services and maintenance services. Telecom continues to expand the Internet access service, high speed (broadband) on their networks, launching in September 2007 offering higher speed of the market, 20 Mbytes. Also available in wireless, WiFi technology, the service allows high-speed surfing in public places like airports, restaurants, service stations, etc. In December 2005, publicly announced the launch of services based on the application of the concept of next generation networks, initially replaced four traditional call centers in the province of Tucum n. Moreover, during the past year have developed specific directories for items such as construction and tourism, among others.