Sabotage the inventor

Sabotage the inventor of the submarine and its shady business Spanish During the years of 1886-1889, coinciding with the maneuvers to take over the Maxim machine gun, also occurred action Zaharoff to get done with the Isaac Peral submarine, although these events are less known. Noredenfelt Zaharoff and tried, in those years, to develop a submarine to grow their business. With the collaboration of the Rev. Garrett English, built a defective appliances, with a clever press campaign, posed by submarines and defrauding the government managed to Greek, Turkish and Russian respectively. The apparatus, steam propulsion, therefore, totally unsuitable for underwater navigation, failed miserably when they were tested by the respective marine were acquired. In addition to the problems of faulty propulsion system, suffered from a serious problem of instability and, in fact, the Turkish drop by firing a torpedo test was vertical and sank stern.In parallel and in the same years, the Spanish inventor developed the first submarine, itself, of the story resolved at the same time, the remains which involved the invention, in terms of propulsion, stability and arms. Isaac Peral designed and built the first submarine in history to sail submerged, with good governance and torpedoes fired in and out of the sea. Isaac Peral’s submarine was equipped with electric propulsion, periscope device aims, needle compensated gyroscope, electric slide, torpedo tube and actuator to maintain the stability and trim of the vessel in all circumstances: Immersion and for the delicate maneuver firing torpedoes. Zaharoff had learned with astonishing speed, the work of the young inventor and Spanish naval officer.Prior to granting planning permission had already inspected in person, the plans and report that the inventor had given to Spanish admiralty, in dependence of their ministry. Later, coinciding with the presence of Isaac Peral in London, tried unsuccessfully to meet with him, using one of his agents and fellow inventor Corps. Peral refused twice, but at the insistence, agreed to meet with the owner, Nordenfelt, who suggested him to associate with them or sell it separately, the patent servomotor stability. Isaac Peral rejected both offers and signed, without knowing it, his sentence at the same instant. Zaharoff, empelaron thoroughly and with their typical tricks against him. The Spanish inventor, like Maxim, suffered four sabotage during the experiment (the first one, in the pretest, in the presence of the Spanish head of state) but, Peral, more cautious than the U.S. overcame all them.However, Zaharoff, who began their perverted business methods (known later as Zaharoff System), managed to stand between the inventor and his own government, and was, ultimately, a ruling the Spanish government against the invention of the submarine with what the government referred to disarm his nation for a future war already loomed on the horizon (the War between Spanish and American, 1898). Zaharoff, traveled to Spain on several occasions during the years of 1886-1890, with a threefold objective: to boycott the submarine Peral, selling weapons to the Spanish armies and acquire a Spanish weapons factory. He succeeded in all of them, mainly because it established a relationship with Maria del Pilar de Muguiro and Beruete, which crossed many doors.Pilar was the daughter of the powerful banker Muguiro Fermin, strongman of the regime and personal friend of the Spanish conservative party chief and cousin of Sigismund Moret, leader of Spanish liberalism and right hand the head of the Liberal Party. Besides, he was married, unhappily married, with a cousin, mentally handicapped, King Alfonso XII: Francisco de Borb n, Duke of Marchena and Grandeeof Spain, which title allowed access, without notice, to the Palace. During one of these trips was detected the presence of Zaharoff in the shipyards where the submarine was built Spanish, but Spanish officials “covered up” the case. By purchasing one of the best Spanish arms companies (Euscalduna), located in the north, which was renamed The Placencia de las Armas Co.Ltd, and thanks to its peculiar affair (he attributed, provided one of the keywords of his professional success to the aforementioned love affair), created a strong core in Spain, influential politicians, journalists and senior military officials that served perfectly in their unscrupulous purposes.