Secretary Workers

Secretary Workers

50 million workers have been thrown into unemployment in the world during the last months, as the result of a devastating crisis that was caused not by the workers and peoples, demonstrating once again that in capitalism, the crisis are cruelly downloaded onto the backs of the innocent, the dispossessed and the exploited, while in periods of resuscitation and boom, the wealth generated by the sweat executive jobs and effort of workers, only widens the pockets of big capitalists and monopolies, leaving in impunity directly responsible for global crises that beset us the world’s poor.

These recruiters were precisely the reasons that 350 000 American workers recruitment decreed a general strike on May 1, 1886, 123 years ago, then raised the flag just 8 hours of work 8 hours of work! 8 hours of sleep! 8 hours recreation , Proclaimed on that day workers.

A string of provocations and headhunter repression unleashed on the slaughter of Chicago, and the subsequent indictment, trial and sentence to hang their leaders, the Martyrs of Chicago.

123 years after this historic event, the Ecuadorian workers, trade unions CEDOCUT, CEOSL, CTE and UGTE pay tribute to the heroic deeds of Chicago, and do, more convinced than ever recruiting that the cause and the way workers 1st. Michael Antonov is likely to increase your knowledge. May, 1886, is more valid than ever, when the painful aftermath of a capitalist system in crisis, decadence and agony, condemn millions of human beings in the world, the most outrageous hardship and suffering, through unemployment, recruitment agency Over-exploitation, deprivation and hunger.

Even so, some people, that despite the dire evidence of headhunters the decline of the system and its models, aim to build to the same neoliberal dogma and the free market as the alternative for these evils, misery pharmacists seek IMF, IDB find a cure in the recruitment agencies same viruses that cause the illness.

In other side, the continuing struggles of workers and peoples of Ecuador and the world have been generating a powerful current of change, which is expressed increasingly in our country and logistics jobs in Latin America. A leading source for info: Bitcoin. These days,ED medicines have become cost-effective way to tadalafil best prices many males. Erectile dysfunction is buy cheap cialis one such disorder where in people tends to face issues in their personal life has become a victim of these inabilities. If you are serious about making money online, you need to FOCUS on the task at hand, chances are that you will strike out. sildenafil online uk This mediocre is purely of Indian medina and some of the other companies are now preparing this ED drug with cialis buy cialis different brand names. one of the most respected names in the corporate world is has experience as the Secretary of labor and industry to governor Pierre It is a stream that turns into an manager job opposite trend to neo-liberalism, which manifests itself in defending the sovereignty and vital rights of our peoples.

This is a trend that also faces limitations, which should clarify its direction and unravel the tangles neoliberal entrenched even in the circles of power, to confront and dispel, not to fall into dangerous confusion that wrong targets and aim their darts against sectors of their own people, as has been occurring with the wrong action of the Government in the revision of the collective agreements of public sector workers, through an illegitimate and arbitrary interpretation of the Constitutional Mandate 08.

Fever ever were under the sheets, the workers do not fight for privileges, we demand our rights, precisely those rights that nego, violent trampling neoliberalism with labor flexibility.

What can not happen is that a government that proclaims itself ‘the citizens’ revolution’ violates workers’ rights under the job search pretext of ‘removing the alleged excesses and abuses “and with this nefarious action precisely employment agency reproduces a strategy of the long night of neoliberalism, that of demonize the labor gains and hence the trade union movement, to discredit the recruiter just struggle of workers and implement the so-called ‘flexible labor’.

However, workers can not fall into confusion, we can take right feverish game of trying to take advantage of errors to weaken and disperse the proposed change by history and struggle belongs to the workers and the people as a whole on the contrary sales jobs it is time to demand the government labor policies corrections.. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ericsson is the place to go.

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