Slimming. Myths and realities on this occasion, I will speak by clarifying some beliefs. It is necessary to discover the truth to help you in the task of losing weight and avoid weight quickly. Never comas late at night must say this is not true, do not believe this myth, body does not understand hours for weight loss, is equal to eat in the morning, afternoon or evening and this will not affect the effects of the result. It is advisable not eating foods in abundance 3 hours before you go to bed, since it can cause you indigestion and sleep problems. Products miraculous never further from reality devices we see on T.V, or other media where promise a flat stomach and a perfect body in a short time.Do not believe what they promise, these advertising models not sculpted figures from one day to another. All appliances to exercise the body, help you, but are not miraculous.

On the other hand other products, techniques, strategies, new concepts, etc. by means of informational books and/or audios, are highly recommended because they provide you knowledge valuable when choosing your plan of action.To lose weight, stop eating if you think that not eating, you’ll lose weight, are in a serious error, since your body needs food rich in carbohydrates, proteins and good fats, also known as favorable foods that help you if alone to eliminate fat. By contrast, stop eating brings negative consequences such as hormonal, emotional and of course digestive imbalance among others. Break the diet NOOO!!Dieting should not be torture for you, therefore, if you become a pleasure eating a forbidden food, you should not feel guilty, if you do it in moderation, do not worry, this will help you avoid anxiety and bad mood. Lose weight with pills most of pills that are on the market, are analyzed very carefully, since some accelerates your metabolism, others take too much caffeine and in some cases only have a placebo effect. Anyway, they act as a supplement in the diet, never alone will make you to windowsill, on the contrary, wrongfully can damage your health.It is advisable the consumption of natural products. I avoid carbohydrates there are two types of carbohydrates: simple, found in pasta, bread, white flour, soft drinks, sugary cereals, among others. The complexes in fruits, vegetables, oats, whole wheat bread, among others.

You should just avoid the simple. Consumption of the complexes is advisable, because they help to avoid weight, given the large number and quality of nutrients that contain. Magic formula if there is something that will give you an immediate result to lose weight, in the market are would have finished, surely the problem of obesity in the world. You should know that there are very convincing ads, with the sole purpose of sell and make money, and in any case help you. Unfortunately, there currently no magic product for weight loss. How much more exercise, more thin exercise is healthy for our bodies and minds in any case, not necessarily as a supplement for weight loss.Spend many hours in a gym, does not guarantee your objective, even less if not we accompany a healthy and balanced diet, too much could damage your muscles. Relax: your body needs a good rest, and sleep at least 7 hours a day to recover and regain energy, obtaining the purpose of weight loss or avoid weight.It strengthens your mind, I know persevering, patient, search your own motivation to not make mistakes and get the desired result. Have faith, keep high self-esteem and convince you that you can do it.