Special Effects Contact Lenses

The enhancement tints are a solid (yet translucent) tint that is darker than visibility tint but does not affect the eye color of the user. As its name suggests lenses to improve the current color of the eyes. The enhancement tints are a subtle but nice change for those who just want to add a bit of the intensity of their eye color. Color inks are deeper, opaque tint allowing the user to change dramatically the color of your eye. For anyone wanting a completely new look these are the color contacts to choose. Some of the lovely colors come in colors such as the sapphire true blue, gray, green, turquoise, Caribbean aqua, sea green and blue of the Pacific to name a few. The different shades are usually made with a series of colored shapes, lines or dots to mimic the look of natural light. Special Effects Contact Lenses: Costume and theatrical lenses also fall into the same category of opaque color contacts.

These special effects lenses are available in prescription and nonprescription medications. The lenses are an excellent choice for any theatrical production, television or advertising needs, and for most people a great addition to any Halloween costume. The special effect contact lenses come in attractive designs like jaguar, cat eye, alien zebra, blackout (changing the eye color of black), white-out (change the color of eyes) bloodshot hot, red, wolf designs. The special effects contact lenses are as safe as regular contact lenses provided they are treated in the same way..