Automation Program Service Taxi

Why do I need a taxi service automation program most valuable in the business of a taxi – is its customer base. With a database of statistics for each client, they can "sort" and work with them … Methods of working with clients enough: telephone calls, sms-ki, newsletters, surveys, rebates, gifts, greetings. In general, the establishment of normal friendship, human contact. The program automatically keeps track of visits each client and their statistics: number of trips, their total value, the accumulated "bonuses", the date of last visit, etc. According to these data is visible to the "value" of each customer to your business. The worst (scandal), and clients can be "fired" (or donate competitor), and with the best and is personally acquainted, make friends, become a "friend of the family." Only with the help of the program, which "remembers" the history of each customer's travel, you can organize an effective system of discounts, bonuses and the "bonus trips". The program allows you to objectively measure the outcome of each type of advertisement, and do not blindly "vbuhivat" money in ineffective advertising.

You can analyze the work of drivers. Immediately evident at a glance: who is working best, and who does not work. Best encouraged, and send the worst there is – to the competition:). The program can record all comments made by drivers and other employees. The program can automatically penalize drivers, for example, for refusing to order and taken for delay to the client. This is a very well disciplined drivers …

Shows Tracks Books

Today, download new software, games, wallpapers, movies or music is not hard. Also, with the advent of the Internet we have become truly accessible real treasures – books. Download books, videos, music, cartoons, games or software will not take you much time. To do this you need to register on any site that offers downloads of all this. The Internet offers fans – a great opportunity to moviegoers supplement their collection. Basically just there you can download the movie, which is long and unsuccessfully sought to this disk.

Perhaps not everyone knows that, downloading movies from the internet, you get the quality of the film not worse than DVD, and certainly no worse than the quality of video tapes. From the Internet you can download as a novelty, as well as the classics of world and national cinema. Knigomanam also provided a good opportunity. From the network can download books that are impossible to find on the shelves of bookstores. Fascinating, fascinating books on various topics for all age groups, that is best for leisure time usefully? And for those who fond of games, the network has provided the ability to download games to suit every taste and every age.

Games Colorful, fun and very exciting. On gaming portals you will find the necessary information for each game, which is in the game basis. After reading this information you will get an overview of the game, will be able to see videos and screenshots, this will give the most complete picture of the game, and you choose exactly what they seek. In addition, game site, it always poplnyayut base games, provide information about the output of new products, but also houses a unique gaming news. Visiting these portals, you can always spend your leisure time with interesting games. And for music lovers There are many portals that offer a very large number of songs and soundtracks. You need to listen to them and also choose to download. Here you can download music in MP3 format for your iPod, Zune or any other MP3 player. New music club music, classical music, dance or electronic music from around the world – everything is online. In addition, the network you can also download wallpaper for your computer. There is wallpaper on different themes: wallpaper celebrities wallpapers, nature, cars, girls wallpaper, abstract, games, movies, sports wallpaper, and more. All the best, new and unique wallpapers are waiting for you! Also, must add that with the help of the Internet you can download different programs. Download software – easy. Do not like software or having trouble installing and the necessary functions, you can always download another software developer or an updated version. Many portals offer a variety of catalogs and other programs, useful software. You'll find exactly the program that you need! Download movies, music, software, games or book from the Internet quickly and easily. You do not have to go to supermarkets to find the necessary film, book or CD you just enough to sit at the computer and enter into the global Internet.

Professional Cleaners. Isopropyl Alcohol ISOCLENE

Isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) – a colorless, clear liquid, which is used in many types of industries for various purposes. In general, the isopropyl alcohol used for the production of acetone, which in turn is a necessary component for the production of plastics, synthetic rubber, chemical fiber and many other organic products. Isopropyl alcohol is used for the synthesis of isopropyl acetate and other esters. In the role of the solvent isopropanol is used in paint, oil refining and chemical industries. It dissolves the natural cellulose derivatives, nitro lacquer, essential oils, alkaloids, synthetic resin and so on. And in some cases, the solubility is higher than in ethanol.

In the automotive and aircraft industry isopropyl alcohol is used to improve the properties of the brake fluids, aviation fuel and defroster. In the medical industry, isopropyl alcohol used for disinfection in cosmetic – as part of the various funds. In addition, isopropanol can be used for technical cleaning and degreasing of various surfaces, removal of old paint and varnish coatings. Wide range of applications and the reasonable price of isopropyl alcohol makes it a versatile and very popular tool. It is proved that in most cases, isopropyl alcohol, can be successfully replaced by ethanol. The only exception is the chemical synthesis of various substances.


I am you ‘soothe’ picks as you like, anyway collectors of this product the power wires from the power button to motherboard connect as they want, so your efforts are vain. 6. When installing very carefully get along with the button ‘Start’, if you accidentally Zaden it – check out her work. Feature of this button is that its contacts vpresovany the body of the button and hold it by sheer force of friction. So – pay attention again – carefully, and press the button as sparingly as possible and gently, do not press MUCH! I came down with approximately 10% of the buttons though they are easily repaired, and pretty cheap. But, imagine my surprise the first time, when the unit itself is triggered by the refusal of the buttons (tumbled contact), working on air handling machines, and because of this nasty buttons inflated air ducts, before protection tripped by the pressure drop! You have fun!? – Me too! 7. But that’s not boring routine work to carry out, you know what you are paying, so only highly recommend to buy rubber gloves.

I share a secret, electrical gloves rather rough and uncomfortable – I got surgery and liked, even though his hands are sweating. And be sure to make good ground, and then who knows what with this design happen. WORK on the battlefield. What can we say about the work of this product in combat conditions, so to speak – are working, but … But I pray that time will end when the warranty period. Now the obvious problems: 1.

Buggy button ‘Start’ – but fortunately quite rare, most of these glitches are eliminated in the process of commissioning, then returning to normal. 2. Very important quality food (again – no galvanic isolation, and all the garbage that flies across the network – goes to BUOK). Were cases of inadvertent discharge BUOKa, and could not understand what was happening, cured with another power supply input. 3. Very poor immunity, which is manifested in random glow LEDS forming, treated difficult, the screening will not help (see diagram). How to treat? Placed as close as possible to the valve, which understandably is not always possible, and (or) replacement of imports on the domestic light-emitting diode. Grounding helps only slightly. RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Do not buy this product. 2. If you have already purchased and have questions – please read the article, or write to your problem, try to help. SUMMARY OF THE BOARDS HQ-S 1. Apply only to domestic components, and the price is even decent, clear discrepancy money! 2. The assembly is disgusting, stretching all the necessary! 3. Note – builders skimp on cable end sleeves, instead, to apply double end sleeves, they put the wires of different sections in a terminal! VERY DANGEROUS! I’ve had because of this have been equipment malfunction! 3. Half the billboards will not turn on issues pickers – compiled shield not corresponds to the schematic circuit diagram. 4. Wires are all one color, it is extremely inconvenient! This is because they save us! Conclusion: with the NPF ‘SWEET’ does not work. ps By the way managery NPF ‘SWEET’ pretty sane people, unlike ‘Designers’ were trying to help …