Professional Cleaners. Isopropyl Alcohol ISOCLENE

Isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) – a colorless, clear liquid, which is used in many types of industries for various purposes. In general, the isopropyl alcohol used for the production of acetone, which in turn is a necessary component for the production of plastics, synthetic rubber, chemical fiber and many other organic products. Isopropyl alcohol is used for the synthesis of isopropyl acetate and other esters. In the role of the solvent isopropanol is used in paint, oil refining and chemical industries. It dissolves the natural cellulose derivatives, nitro lacquer, essential oils, alkaloids, synthetic resin and so on. And in some cases, the solubility is higher than in ethanol.

In the automotive and aircraft industry isopropyl alcohol is used to improve the properties of the brake fluids, aviation fuel and defroster. In the medical industry, isopropyl alcohol used for disinfection in cosmetic – as part of the various funds. In addition, isopropanol can be used for technical cleaning and degreasing of various surfaces, removal of old paint and varnish coatings. Wide range of applications and the reasonable price of isopropyl alcohol makes it a versatile and very popular tool. It is proved that in most cases, isopropyl alcohol, can be successfully replaced by ethanol. The only exception is the chemical synthesis of various substances.