Corporate Banquets

Corporative – are not uncommon. First to such parties a central place on the table occupied by the sandwiches and place of the holiday – a dining room or reception area. Today, the reception – not a place for parties, dining and, as such, themselves long ago passed. At today's corporate banquet restaurant meals and drinks – not the most important. Well, first of all, need an organization of corporate events, Moscow. Simply get together and talk 'about their individual 'is not interesting. The second important point – this kind of festivals are organized in order to make the team more cohesive. Third, to be reckoned with Dresscode.

And the fourth – a chance to show everyone that the company is successful and a status. So, when deciding where to celebrate his birthday with the staff or the Christmas and New Year not forget about training. Occurs, so that from a corporate events only 'headache' that managers that staff members. Because surely reflect on the scenario, think about what restaurants in Moscow might come up just for you. Can not think of a scenario – in which case the assistance of professionals in the organization these holidays will be extremely helpful. However, much will depend on the behavior of the audience. Of course, the tone sets the head.

Over the supervisor – the first toast. Make sure that all attention is focused just for you. (Similarly see: Gary Kelly). It goes without saying that the main theme of the toast should be to achieve the company, a specific cause for celebration or marked by the fact of collection, commendable speech to the audience is very relevant. You will then be respite for the next three or four toasts, then should take the floor again. And do not alcohol played a cruel joke with you – do not overdo it. Drunken Chef – the picture is not pleasant. There comes a feeling that, in the end, and Head will be able to relax on holiday. However, it is not so! You must be invited to dance. And failure is unthinkable. We advise in advance to worry about friendly shoes. During the break, none of the valuable the employee should not be bypassed by your attention. Each of them separately, will say something nice, as would be intended only for him alone. Participate in contests, check their attention and approval of most active. But do not impose themselves, do not try prevozvysit itself, employees, and so know that you are their boss and that they have enough at work. At such gatherings employees become much more united. Go to organization banquet very seriously, simply imagine that this is your wedding reception Moscow, then you are likely to think through all the details.

Maintenance Program

What is the purpose PC 'Motivation'? PC 'Motivation' is designed to motivate employees to produce better and more disciplined attitude to duties. Why use a PC 'Motivation'? PC 'Motivation' is used to calculate the coefficient of labor participation in the enterprise. The coefficient of labor participation is based not only on the basis of the staff member's salary, but on the basis of penalties and incentives used in the program. Based on the rate of labor participation you will be able to determine wages for each employee. Background of the program. PC 'Motivation' is based on experience several major companies of Russia, with the participation of top managers and psychologists. Company, whose expertise has been applied to the PC 'Motivation', have gone from its inception to a thriving business and a full faced a number of problems in management, at a certain stage of growth, which spurred the creation of the product.

The program has the experience of Japanese companies in personnel management, but the system is fully adapted for use in conditions of the Russian Federation. As shown, time and experience PC 'Motivation' functions successfully in a variety of small and medium-sized businesses. Power reserve of the software system can be used in companies whose structure has more than 20 departments. In conclusion, it can be argued that the PC 'Motivation' is bearing fruit after 2-3 months of use in the enterprise, usually a consequence of an increase in the commodity-money turn and the prestige of the company, as from customers and from employees. Key features and characteristics of the program file cabinets Maintenance employees (full name, title, department, contacts, family, etc.). The system of fines and incentives, which directly depends on the rate of labor participation officer. The system of charging premiums for the department or individual employee.

Large set of reports with the ability to sort by. The program has user-friendly interface and rich feature set that makes it possible to use it with people who have no special accounting education. The program is a multi-user, with the possibility of work on a network. Built-in mechanism for specifying a set of rights for each user.

The Development Of Outsourcing In Russia

Companies engaged in providing outsourcing services were to emerge in the late 19th century in the United States and Western Europe. Developing more and more outsourcing gaining in popularity and cover all new industry in its development. The Russian market is outsourcing services developed its own identity by way of development. A key moment in its formation was the crisis that hit the country in 1998, when many companies bankrupt. This event threw the Russian economy a few steps back. Thus, at the time of revival of the market entrepreneurs belonged to the innovation with caution. The main incentive for the introduction of outsourcing in Russia it was the desire of owners to save on the costs of the organizations (depreciation of equipment, rental of premises, the savings on sn.

earners). The first companies engaged in the provision of such services are security organization, then the development have different marketing and PR-agencies. Most common in Russia was outsourced accounting and IT – services. Transmission system administration party organizations can minimize costs to companies with a small number of employees. Accounting services are the most common form of outsourcing, and to this day. This is largely due, First of all, the necessity and importance of accounting in the enterprise. After all, no one entity can not exist without an accountant, but not everyone can afford to have staff of such a person, but most likely not yet one! After all, if an enterprise is only one accountant question about vacation or sick leave is quite acute. To solve these and many other issues helps to transfer the accounting responsibilities to conduct specialized organization. Should be disseminated type of outsourcing in Russia began to call-centers, focused on providing marketing services. Thus. we can conclude that this market sector is actively developing, is quite attractive for both large and small organizations!


Any organization someone manages. The organization was founded in order to achieve some goal. Whether this has been achieved? It depends on many factors. And above all, a man who "stands at the helm of power," namely, the personality qualities, character traits, which are manifested in behavior toward a subordinate is leadership style, from his knowledge and skills, ie "Levers" by which the leader controls the organization consider More aforementioned characteristics. Style of leadership – the kind of behavior with respect to the head with his subordinates in the process of achieving the objective, that habitual way of behaving in relation to the head subordinates to influence them and encourage them to achieve organizational goals. The most common styles of leadership are: authoritarian, democratic and liberal. Authoritarian style of management to It is characterized by rigid one-man decision-leader of all the decisions, hard continuous monitoring of the outcome of the threat of punishment, lack of interest to the employee as an individual. Employees should perform only what they ordered.

At the same time they receive a minimum of information. Due to constant monitoring, this management style provides quite acceptable results on nepsihologicheskim criteria: income, productivity, product quality can be good. But at what cost? Disadvantages of style: the high probability of erroneous decisions, the suppression of subordinate initiative, slowing innovation, stagnation, passivity, employees, staff turnover. The democratic style of management Management decisions are made based on discussion of the problem, reflecting the opinions and initiatives of staff, implementation of the decisions and controlled the head, and house staff; director is interested and kind attention to the individual staff members to address their concerns, needs and circumstances. This style of governance involves the interaction based on trust and understanding. Important manufacturing problems are discussed, and on this basis produces a solution. Head strongly stimulates and encourages the initiative of his subordinates.