Russian Standard Bank

Of particular interest is the case with their uniqueness, as the agreement was concluded between the sole founder and subsequent shareholder – the company "Russian Standard-Invest" and the future of the shareholder – the company Cardif SA, is interested in creating a new legal entity and shall compile a joint education community. And despite available at the time the case in the Moscow Arbitration Court arbitration in a foreign court of arbitration, the presence of signatures of known and influential businessmen and the presence of JSC "Russian Standard Bank" and "Baie-de-Paix En Paribas' 26.12.2006g. court declared the agreement null and void and contrary to the particular item. 1202 Civil Code, which clearly stipulates that the personal law of the legal entity is entitled to a country where the legal entity, while the signed agreement is fully regulated by the laws of England, with the exception of conflicts of law. The court rejected the arguments of the plaintiff shareholders' agreement contrary norms of Russian law, since the agreement clearly defined by its regulation of foreign law, and drew his attention to the fact that by virtue of paragraph 1 of Art. 67 Civil Code rights and obligations of shareholders may only be regulated by the Civil Code, Company Law, constituent documents, and by virtue of Art. 31 of the Federal Law of 26 December 1995 N 208-FZ "On Joint Stock Companies" do not provide additional rights and privileges to certain shareholders of society, including the right to increase stake up to a certain size by the strike, as provided text entered shareholder agreement. .

Free Well Replace People

Hard to live in a country where people periodically explode. The severity increases from the fact that in reality this one does not fight, well, except that in words. Now officials at the repulse of terrorist threats, several billion, setting new useless equipment, and repeat. As we have said before, everything was done beautifully. This word comes to mind when you see a gorgeous monitor with the video other than quality. Another word "expensive" when you realize that the video is being chased by the optics in analog form.

And only a last resort "useless" when you look at the archives records. In general, regular dust to show bosses. For entry is selected again steep untwisted system in which there is still no full-frame resolution and frame compression codec. As a result of the cameras that are on the escalator and look straight at people's faces, it is impossible get at least how many recognizable images, which should produce investigative measures. We decided to perform an experiment. Officially forwarded the letter to individuals who make the decision to offer free retrofit the entire video recording equipment of the Moscow metro. Ready to demonstrate the effectiveness of their security systems as the quality of video, and Logic control terrorist threat.

And most importantly, our proposal has an absolute priority in any tender, as it possesses the lowest price. Below zero is the only negative numbers, but this is the topic of service to their security. Our offer is quite formal, and the company SpetsLab ready to invest in their country. We are waiting for requests for contacts: official site, e-mail:, multi-channel telephone: 8 (4932) 325858. There's only serious doubt that Government of this country need a free service, because with it many not otobesh. Well, then we will speak in other categories, this experiment then finally proves that the people in this country should take care of their security and hope for the end state. Just in case the reaction of the authorities will be informed.

Design Until Wholesale Sales

How is indoor clothing – from design to selling wholesale Everyone knows that clothes do not "grow on trees." Before you get a trendy boutique, a supermarket, market or store online shop, clothing is long route of cutting and modeling to bulk purchase. The first stage of garment production – design models and patterns. Original model completely riddled, to look at the result, other clothes sewn by standard. Fashion is always changing, especially for women's clothing, which will not be enough for two or three grades per year. Every day at the factory, new models, which then comes into production. The second point – choice of materials, fabrics and accessories (zippers, buttons, etc.).

The fabric is always responsible of the model. Now we can observe that the expected orientation of clothing made of natural fabrics. We tried follow this pattern. The third time – just sewing. women's and children's clothing made on modern equipment and durable yarns and accessories.

At a garment factory produced soft comfortable underwear, sweaters, women's coats, trousers, shirts, skirts only premium natural fabrics from the smallest to the largest sizes. Further, the group is prepared fashion, it is delivered to the warehouse where it is stored in comfortable environment with an optimal humidity and temperature. Warehouse consistently updated with new models of child and women's clothing. Warehouse various companies exported wholesale women's clothing, only to appear on windows of shops, boutiques, shopping sites on the Internet. Shops clothing for household acquires clothing – women's and children's robes, nightgowns and pajamas directly from the warehouses of sewing factories. Production of children's wholesale clothing gets to showcase all kinds of trading companies, before which necessarily passed a thorough test. And after that, as specialists in the tests will approve distribution this model, children's gowns are sold wholesale partners.