Free Well Replace People

Hard to live in a country where people periodically explode. The severity increases from the fact that in reality this one does not fight, well, except that in words. Now officials at the repulse of terrorist threats, several billion, setting new useless equipment, and repeat. As we have said before, everything was done beautifully. This word comes to mind when you see a gorgeous monitor with the video other than quality. Another word "expensive" when you realize that the video is being chased by the optics in analog form.

And only a last resort "useless" when you look at the archives records. In general, regular dust to show bosses. For entry is selected again steep untwisted system in which there is still no full-frame resolution and frame compression codec. As a result of the cameras that are on the escalator and look straight at people's faces, it is impossible get at least how many recognizable images, which should produce investigative measures. We decided to perform an experiment. Officially forwarded the letter to individuals who make the decision to offer free retrofit the entire video recording equipment of the Moscow metro. Ready to demonstrate the effectiveness of their security systems as the quality of video, and Logic control terrorist threat.

And most importantly, our proposal has an absolute priority in any tender, as it possesses the lowest price. Below zero is the only negative numbers, but this is the topic of service to their security. Our offer is quite formal, and the company SpetsLab ready to invest in their country. We are waiting for requests for contacts: official site, e-mail:, multi-channel telephone: 8 (4932) 325858. There's only serious doubt that Government of this country need a free service, because with it many not otobesh. Well, then we will speak in other categories, this experiment then finally proves that the people in this country should take care of their security and hope for the end state. Just in case the reaction of the authorities will be informed.