At the time, the lack of fish here you can settle daphnia for water purification. The new aquarium is usually washed with: water room temperature first, changing every two or three days. This is done to permanently remove the putty and glass or plastic to adapt to the water. After several changes in the soil and water poured planted in water plants. After that, the aquarium is left alone for another week to algae have taken root. During this time, you can also state the fact caking of the soil and in time to replace it, because in the future become caked soil will complicate the process of metabolism in the aquarium, which can lead to loss of flora and the fish themselves. Therefore, as a ground for an aquarium is not recommended to use fine sand.

The long-awaited population of fish – the process is not the easiest. First, we must consider the nature and behavior of any kind. Schooling fish one by one hireyut and die the death of lead and attempts to combine species for which need different water temperatures. Beautiful, stylish, and most importantly easy to maintain look aquariums dedicated to a particular ecological environment. It's easier to choose the same type fish and plants, which are ideal for composition, both in appearance and in content. If you already have in your aquarium residents, the newcomers do not have to immediately put into a common pool.

To begin with, they can not converge with the already existing characters of fishes. For In order to clarify this is a good idea to buy the animals read the relevant literature. But in a nutshell, we note that the fish who will live in one habitat should have a similar color and do not interfere in matters supply. Before I landed the new fish to the old, they are kept in a separate container from one month to three. This is explained by the need to determine the presence of possible diseases, cleaned of microorganisms which do not coincide with environment. This is particularly true of tropical fish exported directly from the environment. The aquarium must be installed aerator. The air supply must be at least eight hours a day. If it is translated on non-stop, or at least a 12-hour mode, the aquarium can occupy a half times more fish than they provided the usual standards (1 liter of water per inch of fish). Source

Hard Fate

As we know, our region is located in the steppe zone. Nevertheless, the nature of the Volgograd region has a wide diversity of species of flora and fauna. Many unique places such as Blue Mountain in , Lake Elton and the Volga- floodplain, once again confirm this. One of the most important factor in the destruction of the environment is devastating human impact. And one of the manifestations of it – fires.

One of the fires of 2006 year, which occurred in Kalachevskyi area, as it turned out, there was a fault of the person. The situation is standard: the farmer, not wanting to spend money on organizing the export of straw from his field, he decided to burn it. The fire spread to the forest belt and the surrounding area. And there to pine array was at hand. Although in order to avoid fire and at the same time, save money, it was necessary only to plow a strip of land along the perimeter of burned areas. Another cause of the fire – an uncontrolled burning of illegal dumping.

The mechanism of the spread of fire is the same. According to the Forestry Administration of the Volgograd region in 2006, our region has occurred 112 forest fires, including those caused by man – 80%. This year there were already 7 fires, though the fire season has just begun. Destroyed more than 23 hectares of forest plantations. At the briefing the press club representatives of the Office Forestry reported on steps taken to prepare for fire season 2007. First, be prepared and approved by all necessary regulations, including the Action Plan in preparation for fire season and the organization of forest fire in 2007, as well as the disposal of the head of the regional administration, nk Maksyuta "On measures to strengthen the protection of forests from fires in 2007." Secondly, in April, based on Archedinskogo Forestry College held regional trainings. Were worked out jointly with local authorities, Ministry of Emergency Situations, organizations, and public action to extinguish the fire. In addition, despite a lack of funding, prepared for the new fire season, and material-technical base of forestry. Much attention is paid to preventive work with the public. The aim – to form a responsible attitude to environmental environment. In many ways, this helps to involve local people in the processes of creation and reconstruction of vegetation. As part of the labor of patriotic watch, dedicated the 65th anniversary of Victory in the Battle of Stalingrad, as well as regional shares of the Volgograd region – clean, comfortable area, "Department of Forestry and its structural divisions took part in the greening works in the region, actively engaging This district's residents. Now foresters to help 43 school forest of over a thousand people. Despite the fact that the proportion of newly planted areas, compared with the burnt-out small enough, such work is still conducted. Fires make their adjustments. Thus, the thing of the past practice of monoculture, the planting area when, for example, only pine. Now such plantations "diluted" by other species, to reduce fire hazard in the array. And yet, it should be remembered that the effectiveness of prevention will be reduced to zero, if not careful and responsible attitude to the nature of their native land. Believe in the word to someone who lives at the very outskirts, where no more than a kilometer to the pine in the array. Rather, to what is left of it.