At the time, the lack of fish here you can settle daphnia for water purification. The new aquarium is usually washed with: water room temperature first, changing every two or three days. This is done to permanently remove the putty and glass or plastic to adapt to the water. After several changes in the soil and water poured planted in water plants. After that, the aquarium is left alone for another week to algae have taken root. During this time, you can also state the fact caking of the soil and in time to replace it, because in the future become caked soil will complicate the process of metabolism in the aquarium, which can lead to loss of flora and the fish themselves. Therefore, as a ground for an aquarium is not recommended to use fine sand.

The long-awaited population of fish – the process is not the easiest. First, we must consider the nature and behavior of any kind. Schooling fish one by one hireyut and die the death of lead and attempts to combine species for which need different water temperatures. Beautiful, stylish, and most importantly easy to maintain look aquariums dedicated to a particular ecological environment. It's easier to choose the same type fish and plants, which are ideal for composition, both in appearance and in content. If you already have in your aquarium residents, the newcomers do not have to immediately put into a common pool.

To begin with, they can not converge with the already existing characters of fishes. For In order to clarify this is a good idea to buy the animals read the relevant literature. But in a nutshell, we note that the fish who will live in one habitat should have a similar color and do not interfere in matters supply. Before I landed the new fish to the old, they are kept in a separate container from one month to three. This is explained by the need to determine the presence of possible diseases, cleaned of microorganisms which do not coincide with environment. This is particularly true of tropical fish exported directly from the environment. The aquarium must be installed aerator. The air supply must be at least eight hours a day. If it is translated on non-stop, or at least a 12-hour mode, the aquarium can occupy a half times more fish than they provided the usual standards (1 liter of water per inch of fish). Source