The Companies

As Fields (1992) Become necessary to evaluate of systematic form the satisfaction of the professionals of the company, therefore, in this process of self-knowledge, the soundings of internal opinion are an important tool to detect the perception of the employees on the intervening factors in the quality of life and the organization of the work. The employee affirms that in the company does not have quality of life in the work and nor planning, so little the perspective how much to this subject what it leaves the not motivated ones. According to Davis and Newstron (1991), the uses that a person to give to its capacities human beings depends on its motivation, its desires, its lacks, ambitions, appetites, loves, hatred and fears. The different motivations of a person explain the difference of each one. that Some psychologists affirm that the motivation is the conscientious desire of if getting something, being a determinative one of the form as the individual if holds. ' ' Although it does not have simple answers for the question of the motivation an important starting point inhabits in the understanding of the necessities of empregado' ' FINAL CONSIDERAES Analyzing the results verified, first, a significant similarity between the definite item as essential so that a company is a place good to work.

The companies as good places to work meet: pride of the work and the company, chance of career, training and development, innovation in the work system and wages benefits. The companies who provide Quality of life in the work to its employees, in relation the benefits, liberty of speech, open communication and good relationship with commands, training and development, pleasant environment to work and stability, being lost advantages as: the condizentes chance of ascension, wages with the functions and better conditions of work in relation to the assistance technique of machines and equipment. Finally it is important to stand out that the question Quality of life in the work has continuously attracted the attention of researchers and academics of practically all the planet, what seems to be closely related to the increasing demands for bigger levels of creativity, organizacionais, changeable productivity and competitiveness these dependents of the comprometimento and satisfaction in the work of the people.