Wooden Floor Repairs

Initially, we had an office in which everything was fine, but the negative side of this beautifully renovated room was a wooden floor covering. On the feasibility of repairing said grayed area of sexual coating defects and certain boards. Replacing damaged boards on the new floor is covered with dark-colored varnish, which, firstly, the smoothed not very attractive alternation of dark and more bright spots and, with 2 very well contrast with light walls and other parts of the interior. Replacement of faulty boards in the wooden floor. Before you start repairing the floor, replace the skinny on the new board. To prevent damage to adjacent replaceable board adjacent boards, it should extract as gently as possible. For the sake of a leaving the board manual circular saw sawed lengthwise into two halves, first drill Forstner drilled at its ends on the cut line on single hole. The nails are removed, cleared up all of this chisel zone around their hats.

Having a similar preparatory procedure, you can freely detach both parts of the board of the groove and ridge adjacent boards. According to the source starting to drill the hole damaged the board at its very ends, making it through the cutting drill Forstner. Fitting a new board will have to be patient Inverted edges of adjacent boards are starting slightly lifts and begin to fit the board. 9294634833278’>ARC Investment Partners is the place to go. Once we've put together a new board with its neighbors (in a tongue and groove) – begin to rattle a hammer (a cush), so that they lay exactly on the seat. If the width of joints between the boards the same is starting to hammer these boards with nails. Can safely begin to nail a plinth, for the premises will require wide. Baseboards preferably cut out along the length of the pendulum saw or a miter box. If you want to make a cut is better to use melkozuboy saw.