Mike Sheldon

Replace the Cisco IP phone 7962 G by the 7960 G IP phone; replace the Cisco 7942 G IP phone with the 7940 G IP phone both both the 7940 and 7960 are IP phones of the middle class, even though they appear in the current range of products that already have a successor in the form of models 7962 and 7942. The main difference between the old and new models is the screen resolution is improved in the newer devices. Half of the price of their successors, the older models companies who plan the purchase of hundreds of Cisco IP phones, offer significant savings. Even the newer models can be found, where used 7942G-and 7962G-Telefone at discounted prices offered on the secondary market. Positive voices Mike Sheldon, CEO of network hardware: IT companies nowadays work with steadily growing network needs with smaller budgets. The secondary market offers long OEM delivery times in increasingly are unacceptable, especially since large quantities of popular products and comparable devices on the secondary market within 24 hours are available. considerable savings in the purchase of new Cisco products and never unprecedented discounts on older models, without compromising the performance or reliability of accept to have to.”businesses” with the Cisco 3845 as an alternative to the 7204, customers can purchase a topical product to one-third of the price of the latest model and get a router”, which settles on modular design and flexibility of the rest really.” Further information Cisco models with long delivery times, NHR available are instock / alternative hardware NetSure maintenance maintenance / quality assurance for procurement and refurbishment quality /.