The gastronomy can extend the outdoor season in the cooler growing season with the practical service and for more sales contributing when something would like to offer your guests as a restaurateur, you must come up with nowadays some. Not easily in your industry, last but not least because the smoking ban will, make to create most of your colleagues as the. “How can you keep your guests despite this situation at the bar”? The smoking tent in the back yard or the terrace heater before the local are any services you will offer your customers happy. Free service for your guests are warm Blanketsmaterial which smokers and smokers out there can be pampered with a good alternative and at the same time a practical service for your guests. These are also ideal for smaller beer and wine gardens, to keep the clientele despite decreasing temperatures longer. Also on Christmas markets or ski huts, the Blanketsmaterial ensure that your guests in socializing under open air not freezing need. Ideal advertising media are Blanketsmaterial the use of Blanketsmaterial in the hospitality industry has mainly a promotional effect in addition to the practical benefits. The modern microfibre easily with advertising messages, such as embroidered company logos, slogans or graphic elements.

The investment is relatively low when compared to expensive patio heaters. As the use of Blanketsmaterial is not yet widespread, the level of attention and the associated promotional benefits for you are high. Inexpensive and easy to care for we have this form of advertising can sell several restaurateurs and organizer of Blanketsmaterial are easy to care for and keep nicely warm. Usually the Blanketsmaterial used even throughout the year by our customers in the hospitality industry. Finance our customers be coverlets advertising from their beverage suppliers or business partners. But Blanketsmaterial are ideally suited for the self-promotion. The advertising possibilities of the Blanketsmaterial are the fleece rug in 3D embroidery varied: Colors, fringes and embroidery are customizable according to your corporate design.

With the embroidery technique can choose between flax tick or 3-D-stick be selected. We have up to seven different sizes of on sale. You can see examples of Blanketsmaterial with embroidery and color patterns on our Web site at. About is a German company which specializes in the refining of promotional textiles, such as caps, shirts, aprons, and Fleeceprodukten.’s customers include small and large businesses, sports and social clubs as well as private end customers and nonprofits. The production of individual textiles within the range of basic colors is the core competence of the company. Modern manufacturing methods allow the advertising installation on different places of textiles. The goods is entirely manufactured in Europe and refined. This in addition to standard products is also environmentally-friendly textiles, the the Oeko-Tex standard match.