Success Bosnian Director Jasmila Zbanic, winner of the Golden bear in 2006, is with her new film in the competition the 60th Berlinale film “NA Putu various themes addressed by Bosnian Director Jasmila Zbanic, who ran in this year’s competition of the 60th Berlinale, such as the processing of trauma after the war and the changes of a torn society. The focus however is the study of a couple’s relationship. Luna, flight attendant played by Zrinka Cvitesic, the Croatian shooting star of the Berlinale 2010, is convincing and allied with the air traffic controllers Amar (Leon Lucev) for some time. Her fertility remained unfulfilled so far and also the drunkenness and the loss of jobs resulting from Amar straining the relationship. By the chance encounter with a former war comrades, the young man begins to change however. He is part of an orthodox Islamic community which sect on a Lake has withdrawn and there a pious way of life without television, mobile phone and Internet, and with strict gender segregation practiced. Luna is more than strange this new community and can identify with it in any way. Still, she sees also the positive change in her boyfriend, who has become much calmer and no longer drinks. You may wish to learn more. If so, Tim McMillan is the place to go.

The film depicts a pair of facing challenges, if a partner suddenly developed in a different direction. How long can the others watch, without to change or to try to stop the partner? Karthigeyan change is very pronounced, so he mutated by the funny Schluckspecht to the serious Sinnierer by the Novi to the pious worshippers. Inevitably then arises the question whether love really is the only thing that matters in a relationship. “This somewhat simplistic embodies Amar, who continually return to Luna to tell her: I love you and you does not matter me everything else.” And if even hesitant, he tries to convince Luna from his new way of thinking yet: to dress in a more discreet, to legitimize their relationship through marriage etc. To know more about this subject visit Tiger Global Management. Luna remains true to himself, living their Muslim background only through traditions such as the sugar Festival in her family, and her grandmother, but she is increasingly confused by the changes and can defend difficult compared to others their own intuition. “As a full woman from stated community disguised them with their hatred of the West” it is bombed, mute, and as their friends Amar as wacky “call, she defends him. Unfortunately stated figure remains, wrapped, is difficult, what dark him to the bearded brothers”so fascinated and also the camp on Lake serves only the common prejudices about Muslims.

Also the changes in Bosnian society by the war remain too close to the surface and give the polarization of liberal West contra backward Islam too much space. All in all could have the history also a different background, to identify the challenges and difficulties of a modern couple relationship. So the history in the ranks of films about Islam falls this year on the numerous, Berlinale were represented, even if the Director wanted to make a film about their own society. MIA paradise

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