Athanasius Nikitin

Idea of the perfect vacation for each person is different. Presentation of the rest of my dreams include sea (and better ocean) and the sun. (Once I have rested well, although it was on a business trip. But this long-standing story.) Other people think that the sea and the sun to add mountains, snow and skiing. And all this is desirable for a maximum distance of half an hour away by car. Some Aubin advanced people, they want more in this review historical and architectural monuments, while receiving an aesthetic pleasure. Is there a place on Earth? Surely there! Gallery seating dreams you will be able to survey the site 'Treat yourself to a dream! ".

I want to remember friends of people who never work. But I can not. Man is a creature that for a long time can not be carried out not working. But not resting, he is tired and stop working effectively. There is no doubt: the periodic rest needed everything. Dream about the places where you would like to spend vremyavoego rest you can on the site 'Give yourself a dream! " Travel is one of the types of recreation.

Traveling call on a particular area of movement or reservoir for its study or other purposes – obscheobrazovatelnymi, sports etc. Until the last century, travelers have enriched people's ideas, which belonged to other countries, of their nature, population, history, economy. They studied data on the characteristics and outline of the Earth in ancient times, Herodotus and other scientists were accompanied by Alexander of Macedon in his conquests. Another example of the Middle Ages – Marco Polo and Athanasius Nikitin. In the Middle Ages it was widely pilgrimage – a journey for religious purposes for viewing the holy places of worship and holy sites. Pilgrims kept diaries of his travels, subsequently called 'walking'. It was a time has been called 'the Age of Discovery'. It is largely changed the idea of the Earth .. More information about places to travel can be read on page "Let's dream a little about travel."