In the Europe land practically does not exist to be explored. In Africa the land is of pssima quality and it does not have technology. In Asia the problem is the same. in the Oceania the area is very small. Here in Brazil beyond terms surplus technology we have much land in the active and much to be explored. It sees the example of the sugar sugar cane turned a fever taking the fields that long ago were pasture and exactly thus our bovine population did not diminish. It means to say that the technology supplied the land lack or the reduction as it wants to call. Already in what Brazil says respect to the water you giving the show! Again I ask for that they do not come me to speak that north-eastern Brazilian lacks water in the reality lacks to will politics there! The biggest fretico sheet of the world is located where? North-eastern Brazilian! But 3% of the water of the world are candy and wanted God who 14% of it were in Brazil.

Therefore we have what the world searchs. We lacked to search credibility we are there and this president Lula obtained to make very well. Not even former president Fernando Enrique Cardoso with all its culture that is unquestionable obtained to carry through such fact. When Brazil bought that airplane nicknamed aerolula, the opposition fell killing on of the president the reply was given. Brazil is invited to sit down it the table with powerful countries that long ago they undid of us. What president Lula says there it are is respected and more almost she turns given law the so great credibility it. Already we do not have more to the FMI.

Our exportations are beating records. Our economy is total steady. We have the biggest bovine commercial flock of the world, dominate the technology of the extration of the alcohol and the sugar of the sugar cane.