BRIC Venezuela

Brazil for being already an emergent market repels offering but opportunities that Colombia although also this is a country with characteristics of emergent market, despite technologically beneficiary Brazil even more to Venezuela. Present Tngase in addition, that, no of the emergent countries can be declared safe from the potential consequences of the instability that characterizes to the international currents of financial capital and its effects in the weakest links of the system. Venezuela to be able to catalogue itself as emergent market is said, it will have to direct part of his policies to reduce his vulnerability against international the financial crises. In the measurement that one after another one, the emergent markets choose by to find solutions of unilateral way, will not be able to be obtained a change in international the financial system. India like China is the majors emergent markets in the Asian continent, on the one hand India has agreements of industrial development in systems of networks with EE.UU and on the other hand China is the financial deserving major of the EE.UU, that grants an enormous economic strength to them and it at the top offers a even more distant reach to him being of the countries like emergent markets and Venezuela being able observing this strength, also would have the opportunity to align themselves and to remove to majors competitive advantages by means of the use from treaties and existing agreements between these two countries, in search of the national enterprise development by means of the support to the SMEs for example. In order to offer another example of indicated above, in the developed countries the SMEs they are the one who offer the greater support to the development of industrialist because constantly they are innovating and supplying new products that are the base of great projects. Tmese in account also, that India is country considered like emergent market that has many needs energetics, in this case becomes an approach with that country, which offers to Venezuela everything a world of opportunities you stop to be developed like buying emergent, and because no to enter the BRIC?