Current Design Positions From Austria

Advantage Austria presented ‘Austrian Design Surprisingly Ingenious’ in Eindhoven during the 12th edition of Dutch design week, which will take place from 19 to 27 October 2013 in Eindhoven, Austria is evident from its best side. The comprehensive survey exhibition of Austrian design surprisingly ingenious shows current positions of the domestic product and furniture designs of a record number of 27 Austrian designers, designers and furniture manufacturers. Is responsible for the exhibition design of resident in Amsterdam and London, Austrian designer Volker Pfluger; curated and the show was organized by the foreign trade AUSTRIA, the international agency of the Economic Chamber of Austria with 115 locations in 70 countries. As a unifying hypothesis of all works issued in Eindhoven are the obsession, technical solutions for complex problems of everyday life to find a passion to explore the limits of the application of exceptional materials, as well as strict one in aesthetic practice Minimalism coupled with least humor to keep track of. On the basis of numerous design highlights, our creative entrepreneurs demonstrate how they have helped considerably to Austria as an innovative and creative country on the world map”, as Karl Schmidt, Austrian economic delegate for the Netherlands. Sisi, Mozart and the sound of music must make final also room for contemporary Austrian design.

” In Austria innovative design is increasingly becoming the national export product. With inventiveness, precision craftsmanship and technological advance as a joint trademark, Austrian design international enjoys a high reputation. Jody Leuning, project manager creative economy in which foreign trade declared Austria,: The Department of creative industries was founded in 2005 with the aim, to promote creative products and services from Austria-international and to strengthen Austria’s image as a creative country. It is our vision that Austria in the future in the same breath with other leading design countries, like Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands, called”.