Very convenient position for local and Moscow bureaucrats – do not take the initiative in creating new jobs, do not exert enough only occasional vague hints at some foreign centers, sponsoring terrorism Caucasian – and a quiet life for some time provided. Although, it should be noted that the centers actually exist, and from there the money properly comes to terrorists. A good example of a purely bureaucratic approach to solving the problem is the situation in Ingushetia. Last year, instead accept their share of responsibility for the current in the country environment and with the Republican leadership to take steps to improve it, the Kremlin, without further ado, decided to replace one official as the President of Ingushetia on the other. The result is obvious.

The saddest thing in this situation, what exactly this result the authorities were warned initially. To verify this, we need to look through a file of "North Caucasus" last year. If Ingushetia is an example of bureaucratic approach to the problem, and Dagestan, is a vivid example of the corrosive society corruption, Chechnya can be seen (in addition to the above), as clear evidence of wrong policies of the Kremlin, directly contributing not only Conservation of the conflict, but also the expansion of its geography. In June 2000, bringing the power of the elder Kadyrov, and supporting him during the so-called presidential elections in Chechnya, the Kremlin has rendered invaluable service to the armed underground. Service was that the federal government retained for the separatists moral right to continue resistance.